Wednesday, March 11, 2009

With a Little Bit of Luck!

Today I finished up several of my swaps and got them off to the post office. I can't wait to be able to share them once they have been received by the other members of my groups. With a "little bit of luck," I'll finish the rest tomorrow and everything will be in the mail!

I have been receiving a lot of questions in the past few days and I thought I'd answer a few of them here in case any other readers have the same problems or questions.

One question was about the tape I used to do the glitter on the cards (here is a LINK to that post). It is called "Scor-tape" and you can order it from the Scor-Pal company - here is a LINK to their store website and here is a LINK to the Scor-Pal website. It is similar to the "red liner" tape you can find in some large craft stores but much more economical - Scor-tape is sold on 27 yard rolls and, as an example, the 1/4 inch size costs $4.80 (red liner tape typically comes on 5 or 6 yard rolls for about the same price). I highly recommend it both for glitter and for keeping boxes together firmly.

Another question was about my ATG (adhesive transfer gun). I recently purchased this from The Tape Depot for $25 -here is LINK to the website page for the ATG50. I find the gun easy to use and, once again, it is more economical to use a system like this - particularly for cards and projects that require lots of adhesive. The gun does not come with tape so you will need to order the rolls of tape separately - if your order totals $50 or more you will get free shipping. I still use my Creative Memories tape runner for scrapbooking.

A few people have commented that they have had a problem cutting the bunny candy holder - (LINK to the post) when they go to add the detail cuts on the second page, the entire bunny head is cut. This one has me baffled. I have checked my file and downloaded it from the file sharing site and it is correct and cuts properly.

I wonder if perhaps these people have not updated to the latest version of the software. When you open the program it should say 1.0.21104.0 in the loading screen or, if you have the program open already, you can go to the "Help" menu and check to see the version by clicking on "About" at the bottom of the list. You can download the update from the Cricut site - here is a LINK to the page

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share this adjustable "Good Luck" design again. I created it shortly after the August '08 update to the software, when I first discovered how to make adjustable designs. Here is a LINK to the original post and I have another variation that I will try to post tomorrow - I just haven't had a chance to test cut it yet. This file uses just the Storybook cartridge and can be cut on any of the machines since it is an adjustable design.

I also cleaned up the file for the butterfly aperture card from a couple of days ago so I could share that with you today. The file will cut two A2 cards on a 12 x 12 mat or one A2 card on a 6 x 12 mat (for baby bug and Create owners). The cartridges used are Beyond Birthdays and Graphically Speaking.

I have a few more swaps to finish tomorrow and then I will be all caught up!

Butterfly Aperture Card

Good Luck (A)


  1. Oh SOOOOO Pretty!! I love this design!

    But rats! Now I have to buy two new carts that I don't already have. HAHAHAAA!!

  2. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the Good Luck cut file. I already had it, but your blog entry reminded me of it, and I used it this morning to make a card for my mil who is having cateract surgery today. You can see it on my blog here:
    I also entered it in today's challenge at SCS and credited you. Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for all you hard work. I thank you for sharing. I loved the scout cuts, I wish I'd had them years ago when my son made Eagle Scout. There were no scout themed things then!! You are right on target!! I had just bought those chipboard books when you made the cut files. I am also learning more by your helpful instructions. Do you use the SCAL program? I am not sure I want to. You do make me want more carts, tho!! But I love that you use PS a lot. I very rarely use it!!Thanks, Joanne in Mississippi

  4. Thank you for sharing. So awesome!


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