Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Something new - more digital fun!

I got an email tonight about an interesting new website.  Die Cuts With a View (DCWV) is launching a new digital scrapbook site.  I took a look around and saw that you can buy many of the paper stacks that you may already have in digital versions.  There were also some new stacks I hadn't seen before.  There are lots of possibilities here!

The new site is called 300dpi,  here is a LINK.   In case you are not familiar with the term, dpi is a measure of resolution or "dots per inch"  - 300 is considered high and is the accepted standard for digital scrapping.  Images at 300 dpi are sharp and clear.  For comparison the typical resolution for images on the web is 72 dpi.

I bought the "Animal Crackers" digital kit and did the quick little collage at the top of this post.  Just think of the ways you can combine the actual papers and the digital versions in a scrapbook.

The paper is even "glittered" - just like the actual stacks.  The kit included a stitched lower case alphabet, 17 papers and 19 elements for $6.95.

I hope some of you are getting interested in the digital scrapping - I find it to be so much fun to use "paper" in my computer and create all sorts of things without making any mess (and no scraps!).  If you have questions about digital projects let me know and I will try to help.  I definitely recommend the Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 program - it is extremely user friendly and you can work with both the CM content and all sorts of other digi kits that you purchase elsewhere (or get as a freebie).  Here is a LINK to my CM website for more information.

I have a fun Cricut project to share - probably tomorrow...  I just need to add a few finishing touches...


  1. Diane, what is the difference in the creative memories and the su digital? What would you recommend the CM over the SU?

  2. I have a probably silly question. With digital scrapping what type of printer would you use to print out your work to make a hold in your hand 12x12 album? Also I see you are a cm consultant... would you happen to have any 12" deco trimmers left from your clearance stash? Please leave a comment on my blog... thanks Staci

  3. Hi Sandy,

    I haven't seen or tried the SU program so I really can't compare. I believe that it has digital versions of the SU stamps and papers that you can use for digital projects (and these may be exclusive to that program).

    With the CM program there are digital versions of nearly all of their paper products, stickers, word art, overlays, digital embellishments, etc. as well as pre-designed page templates where you simply drag and drop photos to create your own pages. There is a huge amount of free stuff available and lots of webinars and mini lessons to help you do anything you want with the software. It is very user friendly and most people get the hang of the basics within a very short time - you can be creating in the first half hour! You can also use content from other sources which is great.

    I will have to talk to an SU person to see what I can find out to help you compare - I have had the CM program for a couple of years and it just gets better and better so I hadn't looked into trying another one.

    Sorry I can't give you a direct comparison.


  4. Hi Staci,

    Some people have wide format printers at home but the cost of the printer and then replacing the ink all the time can get very pricey.

    CM has a photo center and you can order prints from them. The page prints then can be mixed with traditional pages in a 12 x 12 album. You can also make an entire hardbound book and have it printed - they are very nice quality with a sewn rather than glued binding.

    You can also save anything you make as a jpeg and get it printed wherever you have your regular photos done - Costco does the 12 x 12 size quite reasonably if you are like me and can't wait for things to come in the mail sometimes!

    I sometimes design at 12 x 12 but then change the page to 8 x 8 to print at home on my regular printer.

    I do have a few of those CM wavy trimmers left and I left you a comment on your blog as you requested.


  5. Thanks for the enabling Diane, LOL. I am starting to use digital images more and more. I will check them out definitely!

    thanks and stay warm!

    Carmen L


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