Monday, January 18, 2010

Love Struck Again...

I have been working on a couple of big projects today- one in particular will keep me pretty busy for a while....  I needed to take a bit of a break, so I picked up the trial heart cut I made last week when the Spring Mini carts arrived from Mandy at Scrappy-Go-Lucky.  Mandy also sent me some etching cream, Cricut stencil material and Cricut embossing folder kit to create some Design Team projects for the Scrappy-Go-Lucky blog.  I'll be posting the projects over the next few months.

Here is the heart I cut from the Love Struck cartridge.  They are all so pretty - it is very hard to choose a favorite.

I cut the heart at four inches and thought about adding some gems but this heart has a "folk" quality to it and I didn't think the bling was right for the look of the heart.  I wanted more of a Scandinavian, homespun feeling.

I chose a plain white A2 card and then cut a layer just a bit smaller than the top (5 3/8 x 4 1/8 inches) and embossed it with the Harlequin Cuttlebug folder.  This gave it a graphic quited look.

I inked the edges lightly with the "Lipstick Red" ink in this set of Color Box cat's eyes chalk inks.

When I adhere an embossed piece to a card front, I put the adhesive on the card front.  I have learned that if you use the ATG gun or even a tape runner to apply the adhesive to the embossed piece you can flatten the embossing and detract from the effect on the final card.

The heart just fits nicely on the card - but I thought it was too plain.  So...I reached for my trusty white gel pen!

Lots and lots of white dots outlining many of the hearts gave the cut the "spark" it needed.

When I was finished with all of the pen dots, I added foam squares to give the card some dimension.  You need to use the smaller size and pay attention to the placement so they won't show on the front.

The raised heart creates a shadow and makes the card more substantial.  It will still fit in an envelope easily.

As I mentioned a few days ago, the heart cuts on this cartridge are so intricate and appealing that you can make a quick and simple card without the need for lots of extra embellishment.  If you missed the post with the screen shots and my first "Love Struck"card, here is a LINK.

I haven't started working with the other two cartridges yet (Easter and Mother's Day) but I would definitely recommend that you take a good look at this cartridge - I think you will be "Love Struck" too!

Here is one last photo of my view from my house today.  We got quite a bit of snow overnight and there was a beautiful "Winter Wonderland" effect in the neighborhood.  Snow is so pretty when you don't have to go anywhere and can just enjoy the view instead of worrying about the road conditions.


  1. Thank you.

    In case other readers are wondering, I put this through the translator and it is Polish for "beautiful!"

  2. Ahhh, what a gorgeous card! And someone commented in Polish, wonderful!! I'm a North Pole (Norwegian & Polish), so I appreciate the lovely Scandinavian simplicity of the card, and the dots are amazing!!

    You are so talented Diane!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Lisa Sturgill

  3. Beautiful card as always! Thanks for sharing your snow as it's probably all I'll get this winter. I'm especially enjoying your pictures with this 60+ weather we're having.

  4. I bought this, but haven't had time to crack it open yet. Seeing your projects has me soooo excited to do so!

  5. OMG! Diane, you are soooo good! This card is absolutely beautiful!!!

    Can't wait until our LMSYHTDT classes resume!

    I'll be seeing you!

  6. Love the cards. I am trying to pick out something simple to do for the first project. These card may be what I am looking for. I have that 2010 Love Struck. Do you have to purchase the embossed paper. Keep up the good work.
    Sandy Bayles
    I hope this does not post twice. I had problems and the first one did not post.

  7. Hi Sandy,

    I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder to emboss the paper myself. If you don't have a Cuttlebug or any folders you could use purchased paper - or maybe stamp the front of the card to add texture.

    The folders can be used in many machines and are quite inexpensive - full price is usually $5 and they can be purchased with a coupon at many of the big craft stores. Some people even use pasta machines or rolling pins with the folder to emboss.

    I hope that helps - have fun with this cartridge.

  8. All I can say is WOW!! I found your blog through another link and will definitely be following yours. Every one of your ideas are beautiful and I especially love the Valentine.
    Also.. Hello from Vancouver Island, Canada!


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