Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paper Cupcakes

Here is the other part of the Cupcake Swap I told you about yesterday.  The paper cupcakes are not exactly "tasty" but they sure are cute!

I used one of the cupcakes from the Sweet Treats cartridge.  By using Design Studio, I was able to set up my cutting mats very efficiently.  I made 18 cupcakes (a few more than I needed for the swap).  I wanted to use some of my older Creative Memories paper which is 12 x 10 inches so I set up my mats with this in mind.

The shadows for the cupcakes are larger than most Cricut shadows.  I was able to fit only six of them on the 12 x 10 cardstock.  I cut this page three times.

For the blackout layer of the cupcake I was able fit in two extras per page so I cut this page twice.

On another page of the file, I cut the two missing cupcake blackout layers from a 4 x 10 inch strip of cardstock.

I used glitter cardstock for the hearts and kept them on their own mat so I could cut them using multi cut two.

Eighteen frosting layers were a perfect fit on another mat with 12 x 10 patterned paper.

I had an issue with the cupcake paper layers.  I may have misinterpreted the designer's intention for this cut but it just didn't work with the frosting for me.

These are the three pieces (blackout cupcake and frosting and cupcake paper layers) and they are cut at four inches.

They each fit individually on the blackout base, but I couldn't see how to use them both and have a cupcake that worked.

With the frosting on top, the scalloped edge of the cupcake paper is hidden...

If you put the wrapper on top of the frosting, the cupcake looks very odd.

I ended up changing the shape in Design Studio by shortening the cupcake paper so the scallops at the top and the frosting edge would both show on my finished cupcake.

Once I worked out how to fit the pieces together in a way I liked, the rest was simply cutting and assembling.

When the cupcakes were put together, they needed a bit of spark so I added white pen stitching and some dots on the cupcake paper.

Over and over again I pen stitched...


---until they were all done!

I use a Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 white gel pen to do my pen stitching - it is the best white pen I have ever tried.  I get mine from .  I order a box of 10 for $21.50 and add another pen or two to get over $25 and then the shipping is free.  Here is a LINK to the page on the site for the box of ten (I have no connection with the site - just a happy customer and I think you would like these pens).  These also make great little gifts for your crafting friends.

I got an exciting package in the mail today.  In the box were the new Spring Mini cartridges and some other new things to try!  I'll be posting some projects with these here and on Scrappy-Go-Lucky over the next few weeks.

I just had to share my first trial cut.  This intricate heart from the "Love Struck 2010" cartridge was cut at four inches on heavy cardstock and it cut very nicely.  I have been trying various designs with these images - I think this will be one of my favorites!


  1. Adorable Diane!!! They look very "tasty!" LOL

    Happy Crafting!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  2. You did a nice job with the cupcakes. I agree that it seems like they don't fit together nicely & your solution was perfect.


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