Monday, January 25, 2010

More Doodlecharms Hearts

This is another of the designs I made while I was exploring the Doodlecharms cartridge for the Cuttlebug Challenge Blogspot Sweet Treat Thursdays team challenge.  It is similar to the leaf design I shared last fall (here is a LINK to that post).

This is a preview of the cut.   I set the file up with an extra page where the hearts are not welded so you can try previewing different color combinations (perhaps something less predictable than my preview!). Be sure to cut from the page marked "CUT."


Here is my trial cut on the mat.  I used a paper that is a little too soft for a perfect cut but it was good enough to keep.  Remember that with small cuts paper with a "hard" finish will cut more cleanly.


This picture shows the pieces removed from the mat.  I added the extra rectangle so you can create another card with the leftover pieces from this cut (you know I hate to waste anything - but I did toss the tiny dots).  The rectangle in the file is from George but you can substitute one from a cart you own if you don't have George. Just check the Shape Propreties box for the measurements and X and Y positions.


I used my glue pen to put adhesive in all the twists and turns.  When you put the glue on the frame be sure to add a dot at each point so they won't snag on anything once the frame is added to the card.


You have many options for the frame card.  You can add a heart in each corner...


Add four more hearts at the compass points for a total of eight...


Fill in the sides for a total of twelve...


or complete the entire border, using 20 of the little hearts. You will still have 15 hearts left over for other projects.


 It is easier to dot the adhesive in the spot where you want the heart and then add the heart than it is to put the adhesive on the heart and flip the tiny piece to adhere it to the card.


The frame version of the A2 card looks a bit  like a doily was placed on the card front.  It doesn't matter if the hearts are not lined up perfectly - they have a sort of wonky charm due to their irregular shape and a few crooked ones won't matter. In this example I have placed one heart "backwards" as you might do on a quilt.  (Quilter's sometimes make a deliberate error  for a so-called "humility block."   If you go to this LINK you can read an interesting article about "humility blocks" just scroll down the page a bit to find it)


Here you can see the two variations.  The framed card would be a great for a stamped image and you could add another cut with a sentiment to the lace front card.  There are a few other variations you can do with this type of design.  When I get back home, I will cut them to show you.

Heart Lace for  A2 card


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing the two variations...a great way to use all your cuts.

  2. THANKS! I need to make you a thank you note for all the cute Valentine's you're helping me make my friends and family. Do you use any special tool to punch out those small holes that didn't stick to the mat when you pulled it up? I know Cricut has a toolset, but I don't have it. I've been improvising.

  3. Thank you for exploring this cart for us. I have it and have never used it.

  4. this is really fun!! someday you need to share with us how you get so much done in one day - I am always amazed how full your life is but you still have time to be so creative:-)!

  5. Hi Amy,

    I have pretty good luck with the little pieces staying on the mat. When they don't, I use the tool in the Cricut tool kit that looks like a dental pick.

    Before I had the tool kit I used a straight pin which worked fine - it just was a little harder to hold onto!

    Tweezers with pointed tips will also work - just be careful not to tear your cut if the reason the small piece stayed in was that it did not cut completely and you have to "pop" it out. Sometimes the bits just stay in from surface tension even though the cut is clean.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful cut file.


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