Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hide Selected Contour meets Love Struck - Magic!

If I have not yet convinced you that you need the Love Struck Cartridge maybe these cards will change your mind!  I used "Hide Selected Contour" to create a variation of one of the images on the cartridge.

I began with this image.  As you can see it is extremely delicate with the tiny leaf cuts all around the edges.

Here is the image after I altered it by hiding several of the cutting lines of the design.

The main outline was the first thing I hid - then I found the extra bits that also needed to be hidden to make the card work.  Remember, to hide a contour you simply select the line (it will turn a dotted red) and then right click and chose "hide selected contour" at the bottom of the pop up menu.

Here is a closer view showing one of the little bits that was also hidden.

This screen shot shows the preview of the card.  I used a rectangle made with the George cartridge to cut the actual card.  If you do not have George, you can substitute any other square from a cartridge that you do own - just change the Shape Properties to match the George rectangle in the design.  (X =1.75, Y =.3, Width = 8.5, Height = 5.5).

I used some Creative Memories cardstock that I had - it is the older size of 10 x 12 inches and I centered it on the mat to be sure the card would fit comfortably.

Here is the card after I removed it from the mat.

The delicate cuts make a lovely inset design.

I cut a piece of lining paper at 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches, folded it and adhered it to the back of the card along the fold.

Here is the top view - with the liner the card can have a sentiment or message written inside while the lacy open cut on the front can still be appreciated.

I hate to waste anything and the remainders on the mat looked so pretty that I decided to salvage them for a second card.  I cut a piece of vinyl transfer tape a bit larger than the size of the cuts.

I removed the backing and burnished the tape to the cut on the mat using my large bone folder.

I carefully lifted the tiny cuts with the transfer tape.  It works best to pull the tape back at a 45 degree angle.  If a piece doesn't lift easily, just press down on the tape to pick it up and preserve the design.

I used my Creative Memories Precision Point adhesive (my favorite adhesive for tiny cuts) dotting all of the sections with plenty of adhesive.  (for more info about this adhesive, click the name to go to my CM personal website).

Once the adhesive had dried to clear, I centered the transfer tape on the front of a pink card (using a ruler to help with the placement).  You can see through the tape so this is simple to do.  I used the bone folder to burnish the tiny cuts to the card.

I pulled back the transfer tape at an angle, taking care to be sure that the tiny pieces remained in the proper position on the card.

Here are both version os the card side by side.  I might add a stamped sentiment or some pen stitching but I think the cards look lovely just as they are.

I saw some Valentine's embellishments sitting on my table so I decided to try the small pearl heart at the top of the pink card.  There is a perfect heart shape in the cut design for the pearl heart.

I have been trying this technique with all of the hearts on the Love Struck cartridge and I will share the files over the next week or so.  Tomorrow I have some other things to share (just in case you are getting tired of Love Struck!).  Hide Selected Contour is still my favorite design tool - I hope that it can be added to the Gypsy for the people who don't use Design Studio.


  1. Diane, the amount of time that you put into creating such beautiful gems and then sharing them, is just extraordinary! Thank you so much for your generosity! You are a gem! :-)

  2. I just want you to know I am bowing to you right now!!! These are really pretty! It never crossed my mind to use transfer tape like that! Thank you so much for all this info!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your file. I love this! And how simple!

  4. so beautiful Diane!!! I love the way you take and use all the parts to make such gorgeous cards!!!

  5. I, too, hate to leave pretty cuts on the mat! Wow, I am going to try this! Thanks Diane!!

  6. You're a genious...and generous...and creative on top of all that. Amazing!

  7. Wow this is so very cool! Thanks so much for sharing, great tip;s!

  8. Just so you know, when I clicked the adhesive pen link, it took me to memorabila pockets.

    This is a great design & I would love it if they add the hide contour to the gypsy.

    I also appreciate the hint about using the transfer tape to pull up the little cuts to use for something else.

  9. That's odd - the link to the pen worked last night but I checked it after seeing your comment and it did go to the wrong place.

    I fixed it - Thanks for letting me know!


  10. i love this. i hope to get to feeling better soon and want to try some of these. thank you for sharing.


  11. Not only is this a beautiful card, but what a great tip with the transfer tape. Thanks!

  12. OMG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! It's so beautiful!!! I'll have to try this one day. That's so creative to get these two beautiful cards from one cut (and very resourceful I might add ;-) TFS!!!

  13. Beautiful card. I have really learned a lot from you about using Design Studio. Thanks for sharing files and ideas. What is vinyl transfer tape and where do you get it? Carol

  14. Beautiful card -- I definitely have to find this cartridge now. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and files.

  15. I love this idea. I never knew how to use the hide contour before. Now I can't wait for it to be on the G!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. What a great job! Each time I see something that you do... I turned just a "tad" green with envy! I've got to get my act together and figure DS out! Thanks for the inspiration, ideas, and cut files!

    aka live2clickpics

  17. I ordered Love Struck last week after your first lesson and it's on it's way. I'm counting the days to practice today's lesson. Thank you for your hard work. I wake up every morning reading your site on my Blackberry before I get out of bed.

  18. You are amazing. The wheel trick worked for my peacesign. thank you sooooooooo much

  19. Can you believe I didn't know about the hide contour feature until now? I tried it out as I was reading your post and it's amazing!! Thanks so much!

  20. Your designs have inspired me so much this week; The Valentine Cutout Card is beautiful; looks so lacy. Your specific instructions with pictures are also inspiring. I am an avid Creative Memories customer and you're right, their products are top quality. Thank you

  21. wow! I am so excited at finding another inspiring site to motivate me. Truly an awesome card. I do not have the Love card but have been using Wildcard and Doodlecharm hearts that should work on this same principle. I cannot wait to try it. May God bless you for your generous spirit of sharing.


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