Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple Scalloped Edge notecard tutorial

Someone asked about a card template for a plain card with a scalloped edge.  If you have the New Arrival Cartridge, you can easily adapt the cards on the cartridge to create a plain card.  I thought I'd make a quick post to explain how to do this.

I have used the New Arrival card to make these monogram cards last year.  Here is a LINK to the post explaining how I made these cards.  If you don't have New Arrival, you can check the posts for the next couple of days after the linked post to see the Plantin Schoolbook and George versions of the files.

I started with this card - but you can use any of the cards (some will have more contours to hide so look for a simple one).  This card has an odd preview but will cut fine.

All  of the other cards preview like the card at the top of this image.  For some reason this one card has the preview reversed which can be a bit confusing.  I went ahead and used it just to be sure that it would work.


To make sure that your card will end up in the correct size (to fit an envelope for an A2 card), it is helpful to place a sizing rectangle on the mat.  You can start with a square or a rectangle - this shape will not be cut (it is just a "helper" shape).

Adjust the size and position of the shape as shown in the Shape Properties box above.

Add the card shape to the mat with the slider bar set at 5 1/2 inches.  Slide the card into position to match the sizing rectangle - you will see that the card is a bit too wide.  You should then use the handle in the center of the right side to adjust the width and make the card fit in the sizing rectangle.

Sometimes the selection box is larger than the exact size of the image.  In this case you can see that the shape properties box says the card is 8.668 wide and positioned at 1.586 on the x axis.  By using the sizing rectangle as a guide you can be sure that the cut will be exactly what you want it to be (even though these values are "wrong" you can see that the shape fits properly).

Once you have sized the card properly, go ahead and hide the center image and the tick marks.

To hide these lines, left click on the line to select it (turns red or pink).  Then right click on the mat and choose "Hide Selected Contour" from the bottom of the pop-up menu.  The hidden line will be a very pale blue.  Be sure to delete your "helper" sizing rectangle before cutting.

Here is the card after cutting - a very simple and useful card form.  You can save the file and use it over and over again.

In order to have the scallops show when the card is folded you need to score the card slightly off center.  I scored the card at 4 1/8 inches from the straight side on my Scor-Pal.  To do this you just need to use the extra lines in the first inch section and align the card with the 1/8 inch mark and then score at 4 1/4 inches as usual for an A2 card.

The result will be a card with a small border of scallops showing.  If you use cardstock with white on the back there will be a nice contrast and the card will be easy to write in.

Whenever I have leftover papers from a project I save the small pieces and use punches to make useable shapes.  This is a good activity for when you are sitting watching TV or visiting.  These elements accumulate along with my "offcuts" from larger mesh designs and I keep them in a few handy containers so that I always have things I can use to decorate a card or scrapbook page.

I added the three scalloped squares and snowflakes to make another simple winter note card.  I am accumulating a set of designs that will make a handy gift at some point.

Thanks for all the good wishes on our wedding anniversary - and congratulations to those of you who shared that you are also celebrating an anniversary around this time.  I will show you the "new" wedding album as I work on it over the next weeks and months.

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