Thursday, March 20, 2014

Creative Memories Cartridges Re-released

When I was a Creative Memories Consultant, I was happy to be able to sell the exclusive Cricut cartridges that were released over a period of several years.  These cartridges contain some great images and I used them for a lot of projects. The price was higher than average but the cartridges were some of the best available (and they did go on sale from time to time).  When Creative Memories discontinued selling the Cricut cartridges, the digital programs and the original bookcloth albums, plain pages and protectors during the second bankruptcy,  I decided to resign as a consultant since these were my favorite products. 

I wondered what would happen to the "exclusive" cartridge since Creative Memories was no longer selling them.  From time to time people would ask me how to get these cartridges, but I had no answer.  Cricut has just re-released these cartridges and you can purchase them on the Cricut website HERE.

All of the cartridges are listed on a special page for re-released cartridges - click HERE to go to the site and then click on the second category to see the cartridges.

Even better - all of these re-released cartridges are on sale for $29.99 - that's a great deal since they were $55 when they were sold by Creative Memories.

I am an affiliate for and I appreciate it when you use my links (by clicking HERE)  to go to the Cricut site to shop.  There is no additional cost to you when you use these links and it helps to support my blog (and keep me supplied with chocolate!).

I have used these cartridges for many, many projects.  Each of the photos below should be linked to the original post for the project - all were made with one or more of the Creative Memories cartridges.

from Tiny Treasures cartridge - not linked to a post

If you are a new Explore owner, you should have received a one-time code for shopping on the Cricut website that will save you an additional 25% - check your welcome email that you received when you registered and set up your machine, the code is at the bottom of the email.

It was very cold and windy here in Wisconsin on Wednesday - is today really the first day of Spring? I hope the weather will be more "spring-like" today!  Maybe when I get back to Massachusetts the snow will have melted...

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  1. Do you think these will be available with the subscription?

    1. Hi Ellen,
      I don't know if they will now add these to the subscription - it would depend on whatever agreement they made with Creative Memories. It might be worth a call to Customer Service to see if they can tell you. I am still out of town so won't have time to check that out until next week. Please post again if you find the answer!

  2. Diane if you could pick your top 3 out of the CM cartridges which ones would you pick?

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      The first two cartridges (Reminisce Accents and Cheerful Seasons) were great overall use cartridges. I liked them both very much - and particularly loved the elegance of the shapes on Reminisce Accents. Most of the later cartridges are very much focused on a theme such as baby, travel, wedding, sports etc. The Christmas cartridge 'Tis the Season is very nice and the second one, Holiday Frames and Tags has some more generally useful shapes (but when I checked just now, it seems to be gone from the Cricut site - they may be selling out on some cartridges). The "Best of Times" is a very small cartridge and I am surprised to see it listed at the same price - it was a bonus cartridge for buying a machine through CM.
      The Tiny Treasure cartridge is sweet - has boy and girl version of everything and also has a great set of boxes and bags.
      So - to answer your question as best I can - I love Reminisce Accents but it might be too "frilly" for some people. Traveler is a great cartridge for vacation scrapping with "regular" travel and "tropical/cruise" travel included. Divine Wedding is lovely if you need a wedding cartridge. Stork's Delivery is more "baby" and Tiny Treasure more for very young children and parties. I personally don't care for "Be Young" or "This and That" (but many people like these - depends on your needs). Total Sports is good - but we are not a very "sporty" family, so it isn't a "must have" for me.
      Whew! A top three from the ones that I can see still for sale on the Cricut site would be Reminisce Accents, Tiny Treasures and Divine Wedding - If Cheerful Seasons comes back - I would move that to the top three...
      I hope I didn't confuse you with all of that!

  3. Diane, thanks for the heads up on the CM released carts...I did purchase 2 of them, bought Tiny Treasures, and Divine Wedding. They want a small fortune on ebay for those 2, thanks again.

    1. Hi Cynthia - Sorry, I just saw this again now (I must have approved it and then not had a chance to answer). I am so glad you were abe to get those two cartridges - they are very good and I know you will enjoy using them. I am glad you didn't have to pay a high price on Ebay. Happy crafting!

  4. Hello Diane, I've been waiting to see Cheerful Seasons on the re-release list. I haven't seen it. Do you know if they are going to re-release that one?
    Thank you,
    Donnamarie Graves

    1. Hi Donnamarie, Unfortunately, Cheerful Seasons sold out very quickly - some people who ordered early were issued refunds. I don't think they are going to make any more - I think they were selling the ones that hadn't been sold through Creative Memories to deplete the inventory. You might be able to find a consultant who has one on a shelf or possibly find someone willing to sell their copy. Be careful - if it is linked you won't be able to use it in Design Space or the Craftroom (people are not supposed to sell linked cartridges but some do). If it is still in the plastic packaging you should be OK. I hope you can find one - it is a nice cartridge.


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