Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crafting while traveling - Two Cards

Hello from Wisconsin!  The trip went smoothly and the weather cooperated yesterday so I made it here with no trouble.  Just before I left I decided to grab a few bits and pieces so I could make some cards and possibly some other projects while I am here with my sister and brother-in-law at their Bed and Breakfast (fortunately it is the slow season since they are recuperating from hip and knee surgeries).

One of the things I brought along is this stamp set called "Hello Tweety" from CTMH.  My friend Joy sent this to me last month (thanks Joy!).

Joy has a special offer right now for anyone who shops from her Close To My Heart website - place any size order and get this stamp set absolutely free!  This special runs until Wednesday, March 19, or while supplies last.  (This stamp set has been discontinued so there is no other way to get it).

I spread out my supplies on the dining room table (there are no guests at the B & B tonight so I could make a bit of a mess!).

This is one of the few cuts I have tried with my new Explore machine that didn't turn out perfectly.  It is from Paper Lace 2.  I figured it could be salvaged with an image added to the top square to cover the cut.

I don't have any foam adhesive dots with me, so I got a little creative.  All of the CTMH stamps sets come with a sheet of foam that you can use to cushion the paper and get a clearer stamped image.  I cut a couple of large squares from the foam to raise up the lace square.

The paper was from a Taylored Expressions Key Ingredient kit from August 2011 (I was a member of the club for a year and I still have lots of  these kits to work with).  The patterned paper is from Echo Park - Country Drive.  I inked the edges with CTMH Crystal Blue ink.  The tiny little "miss you" sentiment is from the Hello Tweety stamp set.

I thought the loops in the design of the patterned paper were very similar to the design of the paper lace square.  I had cut another lace square from white cardstock which was also in my small traveling stash (it must have been on top of a pile on my desk).  After I put the card together with the yellow lace square, I decided that the two yellows of the card base and the square looked odd together (if I had been starting from scratch I would have cut them from the same cardstock) so I changed to this white lace square.  Which one do you like better?

For this card, I used several of the stamps from the set.  The birdcage and the little chain are very easy to line up when you are stamping.  I added the "tweet me" sentiment and the swirl with butterflies along the bottom of the pink layer.

It all looked a little plain, so I added tiny pink pearls along the swirls and butterflies.

Here are both cards - quick and simple and made with just the few things I brought with me.

If you'd like to get this stamp set, you can shop on Joy's website HERE.  Remember, there is a limited supply of these sets available.  

I hope you are having a lovely day - did you go to any St. Patrick's Day events this weekend?

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  1. I like the birdcage card the best, but it's great to show how to salvage something that just didn't work by turning it into something else! No mistakes, just creative opportunities! BethAnn M.

  2. Cute cards! I like the yellow one better, even though it does not match exactly. There is not enough contrast with the white one for my liking. I think the white would need a yellow or darker blue mat. However, that said, they are both lovely.

  3. I kept studying the two and even though the yellows don't match I like that one the best. The white makes the card look too boring. The bird cage card is so pretty, but I don't think I would have added so many pearls. Too hard to mail it without tearing up the envelope.

  4. Oh my... I don't want to stir the pot, but I L O V E the white lace square the best! I like it because I like the contrast (funny how we each see things differently... isn't it great?) The pink pearls on the birdcage card is the perfect touch. Love both of these designs. Have fun during your visit.

  5. I like all the pearls although it couldn't be mailed easily it is still very lovely ! I do prefer the yellow for the layering even though they are a bit different ! Thanks for sharing !

    Anna N.

  6. I see what you mean about the yellows. I like them both. I might add something else on the yellow one to pick up the lighter yellow. The white one is clean a pretty. Think they both need some kind of sparkle. I love glitz. Maybe a bit on the bee. Love the pearls on the pink card. Some of the ladies don't think it can be mailed. I save all the thin cardboard that comes with dies and stuff. I cut the card size out of the cardboard and put it on top. Mails just fine then. (needs a bit more postage).
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood The B&B looks so pretty glad you could go and be of help to them.


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