Friday, March 28, 2014

Going, going, gone...

About a week ago, I posted about the re-released Creative Memories cartridges.  These cartridges were originally sold exclusively by Creative Memories consultants and the regular price was $55 for most of them.  They are now available on the Cricut website at a sale price of $29.99.  You can find the re-released Creative Memories cartridges HERE.

With the current sale offering of 30% off all images when you use the code SPRING30, the cartridges are only $20.99.  This is a fantastic price for these cartridges. Be sure to shop for as many cartridges as you want in one order since this code can only be used once.  NOTE - If you have a problem applying the code, make sure your shopping cart has only cartridges or image sets in it and then do a separate order for any other items (see the tips about clearance items at the end of this post!).

These cartridges are sold only in physical form, while supplies last, and won't be available as digital cartridges or as a part of a Design Space subscription.  So this is your last chance to get these images (and the price with the sale is great!).

Several people asked me which of these cartridges I like the most.  The cartridges tend to be very topical so it would depend on how many other baby, wedding, sports, holiday, etc. cartridges you have and whether the images on the Creative Memories cartridges are different from the things you have already.

 My personal favorites are:

The Reminisce Accents cartridge which is elegant and classic.  It is something like Damask Decor in style. It is lovely for heritage scrapbooking projects but also great for cards.  I used it for this page showing three generations in my family.

I think 'Tis the Season is a wonderful Christmas cartridge.  It has about half traditional images and half more whimsical holiday designs.  There are quite a few phrases with images like the one on this card.

Stork's Delivery is a nice baby cartridge if you don't have many baby images.  I like Tiny Treasures a little bit better because it also has lots of 3D items, like these cute elephant favor boxes (but the font on Stork's Delivery is really nice).

Divine Wedding has very detailed and lovely layered images that are not too hard to put together.

Traveler and Total Sports are two that I haven't used as much, probably because these topics are ones that I need less frequently.  Be Young and This and That are popular with a lot of people but don't really fit my family as well.

All of the cartridges have fonts - some have multiple fonts and there are some really nice fonts that are a bit unusual.  If you want to see exactly what is on the cartridges, you can check out the handbooks HERE.  They are all listed under "C" - the names start with "Creative Memories" on each cartridge.

You should know that the Best of Times cartridge is much smaller than the others.  It was a limited edition cartridge that only came with the Cricut machines sold through Creative Memories.  There is no overlay for this cartridge since it was meant to be used with the Expression 2.  It is a "rare" cartridge, but there is not a lot on it.

Two of the cartridges (Cheerful Seasons and Holiday Frames and Tags) have already sold out.  I do not know how many of the other cartridges are left to sell but if you want any of them you should order right away!

Once again, these cartridges are sold only in physical form, while supplies last, and won't be available as digital cartridges or part of a Design Space subscription.  So this is your last chance to get these images (and the price with the sale is great!).

I am an affiliate for and I appreciate it when you use my links (by clicking HERE)  to go to the Cricut site to shop.  There is no additional cost to you when you use these links and it helps to support my blog (and keep me supplied with chocolate!).

Clearance Prices on Cricut/Cuttlebug/Your Story/Yudu/Gypsy/Cake/Supplies

One more thing...

If you haven't checked out the DEALS section of the Cricut site lately you need to take a few minutes to see what is available.  There are some crazy deals - Cuttlebug folders as low as 75 cents!  French Manor cartridge for $19.99.  Original tool kit for $5.  Vinyl for $2.25.  Terrifically Tacky Tape for $1.00.  Yudu glitter $1.25 a jar (very fine glitter that could also be used for the glass ornaments). 

Even these little Cricut figures for very small prices!

Click HERE to go directly to the DEALS page.  Be sure to check all of the pages (choose "all" in the "results per page" drop down menu at the top right of the page).

I promise to stop with the "enabling"  for a little while - I just hate for my friends to miss out on good deals and last chances

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  1. That is a great price on the carts! I didn't get the last one but I loved the other two when I was using Cricut!

    1. It really is a good deal and they will not be selling them after these are gone so I hope people are able to buy the ones they want. Do you use your Cricut at all anymore? I am rediscovering my cartridges now that I bought the Explore.

  2. You're right about mixing the order, I had to order the cartridges and Cuttlebug goodies separetly in order to get the discount...missed out on Cheerful Seasons.

    1. I am not sure why the system can't just apply the discount to the images and cartridges but at least you got it to work. Some great deals to be had - I picked up some Cuttlebug things I didn't have already. I think Cheerful Seasons was the first to sell out. Sorry you missed it - I heard that even some people who ordered it got notices that they would be getting a refund since all of the cartridges were gone.

  3. Thank you for all the info on the Silhouette. I don't have a machine to cut SVG files. I would think that my next purchase would be the Cricut Explore. What do you think?
    Glad you are able to get out in the garden. I did that last week. Used my time digging to cry and pray for the families in OSO Wa. they are 32 minutes from me. Today I will clean my house and sing praises to God that I have a house to clean and also for the out pouring of love that is happening in WA State.
    Thank you and have a beautiful day
    Linda in Stanwood

    1. Hi Linda, This comment ended up on an older post for some reason. I think if you have lots of Cricut cartridges and just want to be able to cut SVG files too, the Explore would be your best bet. If you want to do a lot of designing you might need some additional software but for convenience in cutting layered files the Explore is great - and the detailed cuts are amazing.
      It is so sad to see what happened in Oso - I didn't realize that you lived that close. It is similar to what my brother and sister-in-law went through in Colorado but there was only one person killed in their town from the flooding. I can't imagine how the people in Washington can cope. You are right about being grateful for a house to clean - and a garden to enjoy, I hope you have a beautiful day too.


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