Sunday, March 9, 2014

Williamsburg and Weather Vanes

Several people wrote to ask me where I took the photos that I posted on Saturday.  They were all taken in Williamsburg, Virginia, where I have been visiting family for the past few days.  I am helping my sister and brother-in-law get settled in their new home.  My niece and her family live here too so it's been fun to have the time to get to know my great nephews and niece a little bit better.

This photo of a weather vane in Williamsburg made me think of a project I did a couple of years ago.  You can find design inspiration in so many places. I always try to have a camera with me to capture things that appeal to me.

I worked from this photo of a weather vane and created several variations of a design that were increasingly complex.  You can see the original post showing the process I used to create a cutting file from this photo HERE.  I came up with a few variations on the design and showed them HERE.

This complex design is yet another variation of the weather vane shape.  It was cut from gold glitter paper and was one of the pieces in the show I had at the community center a couple of years ago (see more about that HERE).

Here is another sign I saw in Williamsburg.  Can you think of some ways to use it as inspiration for a paper crafting project?

It sounds like we are in for same more crazy weather.  Very warm at the beginning of the week and then much colder with the chance of more snow - doesn't anyone realize it is March!

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  1. I thought those buildings looked like Colonial Williamsburg! What a fun place to visit, and to photograph. We are also having wild and wacky weather in Phila, PA. Warmer now, and possible snow by Thursday. I want my daffodils!!

  2. I just chuckled when I received your e-mail this morning and saw the subject line "Williamsburg & Weather Vanes." As I was reading the post the other day I thought to myself that it looked like Williamsburg. I live in Yorktown, VA, which is all of 20 miles from Williamsburg, and I go there often. In fact, I'll be there this coming weekend for a 3-day crop! Nice pictures!!!!

  3. Yesterday and today's pics are beautiful. You could recreate that last picture to use it as a journaling box for a scrapbooking page or make as to insert the title of your page.

  4. I too thought Colonial Williamsburg when I'd seen your pictures yesterday, but I couldn't place the buildings, but then I thought, well I've never been to Concord so maybe it's just historic buildings from your town ;- ) You always have such wonderful captures of details and I love seeing your photos, Diane. Have a great week.

  5. Love the gold design you created. I will use the dog street pub sign on my puppy page. I have been waiting for my dog paper pad to arrive. It has been back ordered ugh.....
    Have a beautiful day.
    Linda in Stanwood

  6. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I love your photography.


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