Thursday, March 27, 2014

Last Chances...

This has been the longest winter!  We had a terribly cold day yesterday and the winds were so high that they scared our cat out of the sunroom where she  usually spends a good part of the day napping.  Out area did not have snow but on Cape Cod and the Islands they got another big accumulation.  I can't remember a year when everyone was so ready for Spring to arrive!

Just a few quick reminders this morning - later today I will try to add the next tutorial on using digital content with your die cutting machines.

Today is the last day of the Silhouette Online Store 50% off Sale on Designs so be sure to shop early in the day - when you wait to the last minute the site can get slow (with all of the other procrastinators online with you!).

For the past 11 days, there has been a free file available everyday in addition to the regular weekly free files that are posted on Tuesdays.  If you missed any of these files there is some good news - all of the files will stay free until the end of the day.

Just go to the Online Store and choose "Browse All Designs" at the top.  Then use the drop down menu to choose the sort option "price - low to high" and the free files will be the first ones listed.

This vase of flowers was added after I took the screen shot of the set of files - it will show up when you click the sorting option.  I missed a couple of the files while I was out of town but now I have them all.  I try to always download the free files - if I don't have an immediate use for the image, there may be some part of the design that will work for a future project.

The one day sale reverting to the earlybird pricing on True Stamp 2014  started at noon yesterday.  I don't know if any slots remain available at the special price - more than half had been claimed as of Wednesday evening.

If you are interested in attending, don't miss this deal!  The code is ROLLBACK - just enter this code and apply it at checkout to see the price drop to $49!  Click HERE to go to the registration page.  You will find information about the classes and instructors on that page.

There are only 50 seats available at this price and the sale will run until all fifty seats are sold or until noon (Pacific) on Thursday, March 27th - whichever comes first!

Here is a little sneak peek at the project I did for my sister and brother-in-law.  It was one of those deceptively simple looking projects that ended up getting a little bit complicated...I'll explain why when I have more photos to share.

I hope your day is off to a good start - if you are one of the areas hit by this most recent storm please take care. 

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  1. Good Morning Diane! Glad to hear you missed this storm. Thank you for the beautiful spring picture of tulips, I needed that! I am going to guess that this is your husband's handiwork in planting your gardens, and your handiwork in photographing the photo ... so thank you to the two of you!

    I did not know all the past free files were still available because I also missed a few, thank you for the heads up!

    Have a great day and thank you!

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Unfortunately we are still frozen up here - the tulip photo is from last year (a bit of wishful thinking!).
      I am glad you will be able to get the free files now - it was nice that they kept them all available through today.
      You have a great day too!

  2. thanks for the great sale tips again! Regarding the Silhouette store, I went there and noticed a statement that I needed Silhouette Studio? I only have an older Cricut Expression and SureCutsAlot2. Is there a way to still use the files with these? (I cannot be on line when I'm using the SCAL2 as I was informed that the software will try to update to 3 if online.) Thank you!


    1. Hi Sue, The Silhouette Store sells files in a proprietary format that only work with the Silhouette Studio software. They probably are SVG files but you can't save them out of the program as anything but .studio files and that format isn't read by other programs/machines.
      So there is no legitimate way to use them on another machine in accordance with the Terms of Use - sorry...

    2. Thank you. I figured that was the case.


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