Thursday, March 13, 2014

Silhouette Online Store Sale & Subscriptions


There is nothing like a little competition to help prices to go down and deals to get better.  The Silhouette Online Store has all images on sale from March 13-27 for 50% off.  This means that most images are 50 cents!  You can access the sale through the Studio software or on the Silhouette website HERE.

This is the free image of the week in the Silhouette online store - St. Patrick's Day is almost here!

Whenever there is a free shape like this one, you can take apart the design and use the individual pieces in new ways.  Just select the image, right click and select "ungroup" from the drop down menu.  You might have to ungroup more than once, depending on how the designer assembled the design.

The pieces can then be combined to make new designs or enlarged and cut apart from the subway art design.

Silhouette also has a new addition to their subscription plan - custom subscriptions.  These can start as low as $4.99 a month for $10 in downloads (12 month term) and go up to $99.99 a month for $1500 in downloads (12 month term).  I can't imagine using up $1500 in downloads each month!

It seems likely that these changes in the Silhouette subscription options are a reaction to the new Cricut Explore which also has an optional subscription program.

There are differences in the two subscription packages.

The Silhouette subscription now has a wide variety of price points with a minimum term of three months.  If you buy a subscription, you are committed for the term of the subscription.

The Explore subscription has two choices, $9.99/month or $99.99/year.  You can stop your subscription at the end of the current term and skip a few months before you sign up again.

With the Silhouette subscription, you choose images and purchase them.  They are added to your account and are yours permanently.  You can't choose images to try out for a design without purchasing them with your subscription. 

With the Explore subscription, you can access and design with the entire library of included images.  You will not have to pay anything to cut a design if it is included in your subscription or is on a cartridge that you have purchase and linked.  At the end of the subscription, you no longer have access to the images that you have not purchased.  You have access to a huge number of designs but only for the term of the subscription - similar to a Netflix subscription.  When the subscription ends, you will not be able to cut any designs that you have not purchased outright.

I have been surprised by all of the images that are available to me in the three month subscription that came with my new Cricut Explore.  It is fun to be able to use some designs that I wouldn't buy and I have discovered a few image sets that I might purchase to own permanently.  I have a LOT of cartridges and will still be likely to renew my subscription when the three free months end (more about that another day).

If you are a Silhouette user this is a great time to add to your library at half price (or less if you have a subscription).

Believe it or not, I have only one more day at home and then I head to the midwest to see my sister and brother-in-law in Wisconsin.  My brother-in-law had knee surgery today and she is still recovering from hip surgery.  I figured they could use some extra hands, especially these first weeks post-surgery).  I will try to catch up with all of the emails and comments before I leave but it may take a little longer.

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  1. Thank you for answering the subscription questions. I didn't realize that if you hadn't purchased the digital image, it would be unavailable after the subscription expired. This is helpful. BethAnn M.

  2. Hi Diane, Thank you for the info on the Silhouette store sale. I'm on my 2nd day with my Explore and there is a bit of a learning curve. Not sure if it's just my computer, but I find the Design Space slower to react to commands than the Cameo which is really quick. But I am loving the new blade on the Explore, it really cuts beautifully. You gave a great description on both company's subscription plans, advantages and disadvantages. I love that once you purchase on Silhouette, it's yours regardless of whether you continue the subscription. But I also like that you can play with images in Design Space that you don't yet own to see if you want to purchase them. I'd love to hear about the cartridges you don't yet own but may purchase after being able to play with them. Have a safe trip to Wisconsin, your family is blessed to have you so willing to help out.


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