Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sparkly Snowman Card

This card is made with a combination of elements from the two Creative Memories exclusive cartridges,  Reminisce Accents and Cheerful Seasons.  I created the shaped card and frame from elements on the Reminisce Accents and the snowman is from Cheerful Seasons.  Today I want to show you how I changed the snowman by adding an extra layer and tomorrow I'll explain how to create the card base and post the file.

Cheerful Seasons is primarily a font cartridge with five of the seven possible functions nearly filled with alphabets.  This leaves four settings for the shapes and their layers.

When you cut the layers exactly as they are set up on the cartridge you will have these four cuts to use to build the snowman.

The result is a snowman with all of his details in a single color - in this case black.  I wanted to add a few more colors so I decided to cut a few extra pieces.

I wanted my snowman to have a red scarf so I cut an extra of the third layer (shown on the keypad above).

Now I had a piece to use to create the scarf.  The red dotted cardstock is from Martha Stewart.

I only wanted the areas that would form the scarf to be red so I trimmed away these extra pieces.

I also wanted my snowman to have a carrot nose so I found a tiny scrap in orange glitter cardstock that was left from another project to fit behind the nose cut on the face.

 When you put the layers together, the shadows work a little bit differently.  The layer beneath the snow layer only extends beyond the "snowy" parts.  It lines up exactly with the arms and hat.  This image from the handbook shows you how to align the pieces.

I used Core'dinations gemstone cardstock for the card base and core couture glitter cardstock for the frame, and three of the layers of the snowman.  The black layer is actually the back side of a piece of Onyx gemstone cardstock because I wanted the matte effect with so much shine going on in the card.

It is extremely difficult to photograph the Core Couture cardstock and truly capture the sparkle.  It is a delicate and almost iridescent glitter finish and is extremely pretty in person.  I find this cardstock at Joann's and try to wait for the sales to stock up.  It also cuts very nicely in the Cricut - the frame has a lot of twists and turns and some small triangular areas and it cut perfectly and lifted right off the mat.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how to create the shaped card.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been voting for my layout in the Creative Memories contest to win a Cricut Cruise.  Your comments have been so sweet and I am very happy to have such great support from my Cricut friends (and others).  

If you are a Facebook member, please try to vote everyday.  Here is the LINK to my contest page.  You have to wait 24 hours between votes so if you remember what time you voted the day before and try to vote around that time each day it should work out well.  Voting continues until the 23rd and I really appreciate that you are willing to go the extra mile and vote so many days in a row.  

There will be a link and reminder at the top right of my blog until the 23rd.  For those who asked - I have no way to tell how I am doing since there is not a running tally.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!  Thanks again!

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  1. I LOVE this snowman Diane. Beautiful work. I use the Core'dinations couture cardstock too. It is beautiful, but it is true that a camera really doesn't pick up its true beauty or sparkle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the shape of that! I have not seen that cartridge but it is just gorgeous! I love that snowman too!

  3. Oh how I love snowmen...he is so cute. I don't have this cartridge but it is on my list. Also voted again today for your cruise project.

  4. This is a really adorable snowman! I'm going to have to remember to stock up on that paper at J's.

    I voted yesterday & made my bf vote too. I really hope you win!

  5. You have got me wanting these cartridges so bad. (I feel like I'm sinking into a black hole with all the neat things I see that I want to buy. Will my wish list ever start shrinking instead of growing @ phenomenal rates?)

  6. This is a cute card ! Love how those layers come out !

    Have a great Thursday ;-)

  7. I love snowmen and this one is just beautiful.

  8. I love this card - so cute! And, thanks for the step-by-step instructions on how you created that snowman - great thinking! :)

  9. Thanks for such wonderful instructions! This is a super cute card and love the extras you added! Oh, and I voted for you again and linked your layout to my FB page! Go Diane!

  10. O M G!!! I swear I DIDN'T NEED those cartridges, but NOW, I am adding them to my Black Friday Shopping list of carts to pick up!!;) Your card is JUST GORGEOUS my friend!!! I LOVE IT!
    Big Gypsy hugs,

  11. This is a very cute card Diane.
    I love the frame that you used
    I don't have either of these cartridges but they are on my wish list!!
    I have been voting for you everyday, hope you win.

  12. Great card! Thank you for all the detailed instructions for novices like me. I love the layering. You do fantastic work. Good luck with the contest!

  13. I love this snowman. Please put me on your xmas card list and you can send me him. I may have to get this cart just for him. I voted for you yesterday and will again today. hope to do it each day. also will post so my friends can vote for you also.

    again a great card looking forward to getting it!lol


  14. What a great snowman card! You are so creative

  15. Diane,
    Adorable snowman card. He's so cute.

  16. I just love the amount of detail you put into your fabulous designs! Thanks so much for the clear instructions, they are very helpful:o)

  17. love your CM snowman card. thanks for the instructions.
    PS I voted for your Generations layout, love it!


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