Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank You

I did have a new project to post today, however, Blogger keeps giving me a "server rejected" message when I try to upload my new photos.  I've tried on different browsers and different computers with no luck.  So - since most of you (at least the US readers) will be getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday - here is a picture from last year of the mini turkey dinner pop up punch from Martha Stewart.  I know it's silly but I don't like to make a post without at least one photo - I don't think I ever have...

Voting on the Creative Memories Cruisin' with Cricut contest was to end Tuesday night.  I am up past midnight because of the photo uploading problem and the site still is in the voting phase so I don't know which time zone was used - I am guessing Central since Creative Memories is located in Minnesota.  I also am not sure whether the results will be available tomorrow - the original information given to the finalists was that the winner would be notified on the 29th but the contest site says winners announced on the 24th.  So I will have to look in the morning (or maybe wait until next week).

I do want to say thanks again to everyone who voted and sent me encouraging messages.  It was an interesting and somewhat stressful experience to be in a contest like this.  I don't think I will enter another contest that is judged by a vote instead of by judges anytime soon.  I didn't like to have to keep asking for votes and reminding everyone to vote.  I tried to make a good page and I was very happy with my entry and I plan to continue with this album about the women in my family so that is one very good result of the contest!

I want to let you know that the Creative Charms sale has actually started already and will continue until Sunday night - so have fun shopping!  Since I can grab photos by their URLs, here is the revised "poster" with all of the details.

Many of you know that I have been having pretty severe leg and back pain for quite a few months.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be having a procedure done to try to help relieve the pain.  It is a quick outpatient process and I should be fine - maybe it will even help.  I just wanted you to know that if the contest results do go up in the morning I won't be here to see them - I'll be at the hospital.  If Blogger and my back cooperate I'll have a couple of things to post later on Wednesday.  Good luck with all your holiday preparations!

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  1. I am so hoping you get on that Cruise!!

    I know what you mean about recruiting votes...ugh! I guess I can understand but it is still stressful and well you know ;)

    I will be keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of positive thoughts your way until the announce the winner! C'mon cruise!

  2. I will be praying your procedure goes well and you recover quickly!

  3. Hopefully all our votes have helped you to win the cruise. I loved your layout and look forward to seeing more of the pages that you create for your book. Oh, and I asked you to remind me to vote, so I'm happy you noted that on your blog every day!!!

    Best of luck with your procedure today. I'll be thinking of you all day!

  4. I hope your procedure goes well & when you get home, you find out the results of the contest.

    I know what you mean about the contest being stressful - I was in a contest like that once & it's weird to ask for votes. But it was no problem to vote for you because I thought yours was best overall. And then I made my bf vote for you too :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for the cruise! And I hope your procedure goes well and you are pain free! Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  6. Sweetheart, don't you worry about us "followers" you get better, and don't post anything. We understand. RELAX!!!! Get better, good luck with your surgery. I will keep you in my prayers. Let your family spoil you. We din't mind it at all that you asked us to vote, what are friends for?!! Good luck with that also.

  7. I hope your procedure goes real well, as I too have had back problems and I know the feeling. So I hope you get back to feeling your old self soon!

  8. I hope that your procedure goes well, Diane, and that you get significant relief from your back and leg pain!

    And I've got my fingers crossed for you regarding the cruise contest! I voted for you, as I'm sure many of your faithful followers did, so I hope you won!

  9. Hope things go well for you tomorrow, both in your procedure and in your cruise contest!

  10. Good luck with your operation and contest.


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