Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Butterflies to say hello

Here is another quick and easy card made by using a background layer from a cardstock stack and a couple of great embellishments.

The pink layer on the card was cut from the top right of this sheet of cardstock from the DCWV "Sweet" stack.

I recently posted this card where I used a piece cut from the center of the sheet of cardstock as a background layer.  This left all of the decorated corners available for card tops.

The glittered swirls reminded me of the flight path of a butterfly so I added two felt butterflies from this set called "Blooming Garden" by Creative Charms (here is a LINK to the page on their site where you can find these).

I decided to add the "hello" from the Cuttlebug A2 Combo "Everyday Greetings" and I cut it from several types of pink glitter cardstock (I kept trying until I found the one I liked!).

I originally thought the darker pink would be the best color but it didn't match the butterflies as well as I thought it would.  I ended up choosing the "hello" in the middle - it was cut from patterned glitter cardstock and was "just right" to coordinate with the butterflies and the glittered swirls on the cardstock.  The lightest pink was too bright and made the background look muted.

The layer piece was cut at 3 7/8 x 5 1/8 inches.  When it was placed on a plain white card base it looked a bit lost.  The brown body of the larger butterfly also seemed out of place in the pink and white card.

Adding a dark brown layer (cut at 4 1/8 x 5 3/8 inches) frames the card nicely.  I did ink the edges of both layers just to hide any white core that might show from the sides.

Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day - there are many stores and online sites offering specials and activities.  If you plan to be scrapping I hope you have a great time.  We have family plans this weekend so I won't be able to participate or host a celebration.  I will be having a special event later this month - I'll fill you in on the details as soon as they are finalized!


  1. This is so cool!!! and I do have this stack!! I too collect DCWV stacks with the intentions of making layouts...and nothing, they just sit there. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!

  2. Love this paper - I need to venture out and look for this pack of paper... I just love to see butterflies on projects.
    have fun this weekend.

  3. Happy Scrapbooking day to you. I want to thank you for showing not only the project but also your thought process through out the project. It helps me to feel more comfortable with my own crafting style. I sometimes get frustrated that I didn't recognize that the pink paper would feel lost or the brown would look a little odd without something to ground it. It is good to know that others go through a trial and error process.

    And by the way, it is a gorgeous card.

  4. Great card! Can't believe how great that paper looks in the background!

  5. I was right, I thought the background was from the same paper used for the quick bird card. You are giving me some wonderful tips and ideas. Thanks!

  6. This is a really neat card. I love butterflies. I will be looking forward to your special activity later this month. I wanted to scrap all day but we have had some really bad storms with power outages and several rescues of people from flooded cars and houses. I am lucky that my neighborhood is about the highest area in town. We have just had to deal with our pool filling up and it was almost empty since we are getting a new liner.

  7. Thank you for all the tips and ideas you've shared this week. I've been sorting through all my paper eyeballing the corners and middle!


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