Monday, April 26, 2010

Digital Daffodils

Daffodils are some of my favorite flowers and they are blooming all over our town.  We have several varieties in our gardens and I took some pictures a few days ago with the plan to turn them into digital elements that I can use for my projects.

This is the picture I started with.  It was a bit windy so I had to hold the flower still to get a clear image.  I used the magic wand tool in my Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 software to eliminate the background.

After I had carefully dropped out the background, I saved the daffodil image as a .png file.  Then I could start having some digital fun!

I copied and pasted the daffodil and created a "seven sisters" group (this is the name of a quilt pattern).  Just to be different, I changed the color of the center daffodil to purple.

Next I duplicated the groups and created another seven sisters grouping that is a bit more irregular.

I expanded the group and added a green glittered background.

Then I repeated the group four times to create this pattern.  The possibilities are endless as you repeat, recolor and regroup the single daffodil image.

Here is one more example where I used the flower to create a pattern on a gingham background, added a border with burlap texture and added some digital overlays with light shadows in the corners,  I could print this image to use as a note card front..

The images in this blog post are all screen shots at low resolution.  If you would like to have the .png file for the daffodil at full size you can download it at the link below.  I'd love to see what you make with the flower if you try some experiments similar to mine.

If you have any questions about the Creative Memories software and do not have a Creative Memories consultant already, please do not hesitate to contact me.  If you have the 2.0 version of the software you will want to upgrade and the upgrade is available for $9.95 until the end of this month (the normal price is $19.95 for the upgrade).  The full 3.0 program costs $64.95 if you do not have the earlier version to upgrade.  Here is the LINK to my CM website.



  1. I really like that you dabble in digital too! I'm a newbie in the digital world and like to read up on as much as I can. Jean

  2. I haven't tried the digital thing yet, but just may have to. You did a great job with your photo and with all the creative ideas. TFS

  3. I have never done any digital work but my daughter has and I'm always amazed at what it looks like! Thanks for another great idea. Btw, your daffodils are gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daffodil. Someday when I know what I'm doing I'll try my hand at digital.

  5. I haven't played with yet, but I sure like this daffodil!

  6. Wow, great edges! Lovely photo. I'll have to try the CM wand tool and see how it compares to my efforts in Photo Shop. Thanks! My current favorite daff's are Thalia. Such a great white. I'm also addicted to mini daff's. Cheers to spring!


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