Friday, April 2, 2010

Glitter Striped Eggs

These eggs are quick and simple (though a bit messy!) to make.  I shared a lot of eggs I made using the Cricut a few weeks ago (here is the LINK to that post and the LINK to the post with information about emptying the eggs before decorating).

While I was experimenting with various ways to decorate the eggs I tried a few things that I haven't had a chance to post.  I thought that I'd put at least one of them up today (and maybe save the rest for next year!).  If you are dyeing eggs this weekend you could give this a try.

I started with the plain white emptied eggs and wrapped several widths of Scor-Tape around the eggs in different patterns.

After the Scor-Tape was applied, I dipped the eggs into various colors of dye.

Don't keep the eggs in the dye bath too long - you do not want the dye to loosen the protective cover on the Scor-Tape.

I dyed the eggs with the tape in place first to be sure that the color of the glitter would be pure with the white egg as the background.  In thinking about it later, it might be simpler to dye the eggs, let them dry and then add the tape and glitter.  The color might be a bit different but the glitter coating is so solid it should hide any egg color.

After dyeing and drying the egg, I removed the strip of protective paper from one of the pieces of Scor-Tape.

Then I sprinkled fine glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter) on the tape.  I rolled the tape in the excess glitter a few times to be sure it was completely covered.

When you remove the protective covering from the lower strip of tape you will need to trim it at the intersection with the top layer.

If the wider tape is the lower level of tape, you will need to carefully cut the thin layer and stick it into the wider tape when it is exposed.

You could add some more glittered shapes or gems to the sections of the egg separated by the tape.

One more view of my "experimental" eggs - I think it would be fun to create glittered names on the eggs - maybe I will try that next year...

If you are not familiar with Scor-Tape, here is a LINK to the Scor-Pal site where you can see the various sizes and prices.  Scor-Tape is very strong and easy to work with.  I usually use it for holding boxes together (I used it for the "cupcake cage" I shared in yesterday's post HERE).  I haven't tried the large sheets yet (I keep meaning to order some).   I think that it would be fun to try the sheets for making custom cuts that I could then easily glitter.  The Scor-Tape works wonderfully for glitter on cards - here is a LINK to an old post where I tried it for the first time on a card.

Some Easter entertainment for you...

Do you like the movie "Up"?  Are you a fan of the "Peeps" marshmallow candies?  My sister sent me this incredible LINK to the entries in a contest sponsored by The Washington Post.  The LINK on the left of the page will take you to some videos showing the top five entries.  I think you will enjoy this!


  1. Love how you have decorated your eggs. Thanks for sharing your lovely tutorials and creations. You have been crowned sweetie.Do visit my blog to pick up your award or should I say "crown"

  2. Thanks for the new idea for coloring eggs! May you have a peaceful Holiday.

  3. Really cute, Diane! Happy Easter to your and your Family!


  4. Very Pretty!! Martha has nothin' on you.
    My son would probably love to try this. I just don't think I want glitter all over my house. {HA!}

  5. We've already colored out eggs for this year. Next year we need to try the glitter.
    Very pretty eggs, thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  6. Love your posts! No wonder why you're at 992 followers.

  7. Have a great Easter! I don't have any of the tape for this year, but what an easy way to decorate eggs! Great for a school project, also!

  8. I do the same decoration! I love glitter! You can see my blog.


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