Friday, April 9, 2010

At Last - Back to Digital!

I am well on the road to having my computer back to normal.  I still have lots of data to transfer (and about 40,000 more photos!) but I am getting there.  I am so glad that I have back up copies of all my photos and files.  Please remember that something can go wrong with your computer despite all of the security measures you take and back up regularly.  An external drive can be your best friend when things stop working!

I took a little break from all of the reinstalling to relax and make a digital design.  On of the programs that I wasn't able to access for the past five weeks was my Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 digital scrapping software.  (I didn't realize how often I use this until I was not able to open the program!).

To make this design, I started with a fantastic image from Twisted Papers (here is a LINK to the page on their site).  I eliminated the white background with the magic wand cropping tool.  Then I copied and pasted the image and rotated each to create a star shape.

The overlap when the fifth image was added was awkward so I traced and copied one of the flowers to use as a "patch."

The flower did not have a perfect edge but it blends in with the bouquet nicely.

Here you can see the flower added on top of the other images.

I copied and enlarged the extra flower and used it as a center for the image.

Once I had all of the elements placed properly, I grouped the design.

I then could copy and paste and resize the entire design.  

Adding a shadow makes the design stand out with more dimension.

(I haven't printed this yet - I have to find the correct download for my printer since my operating system is newer than the CD that came with the printer).

I'll be back with a Cricut design tomorrow.  I hope you have a nice weekend!


  1. Lovely! I've been greatly enjoying using CM Storybook, especially to make cards that combine digital and traditional. Thanks for the tips!

  2. That is gorgeous. Alas, I am not that computer savvy. Sometimes I wish I were.

  3. Wow, Diane! You are a genius with this stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. Very nice. My daughter does digital scrapbooking and designs packages and templates for a company. You must have an amazing printer to have them print out in the same vivid colours!

  5. You are so talented. I have that software and have never used it. I wish I had an instructor close. You don't live near Charlotte, NC by any chance do you? LOL!


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