Friday, April 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

This is the last Artist Trading Card I'll be posting for a little while.  One swap group has come to the end of the planned swaps and I participate in a couple other groups on a semi-regular basis but probably won't join in while I finish up some new projects.  I do have a large series to make by the end of the year (and I hope sooner) with a quilt theme.  I am still in the planning stages for that group of cards.

The small group had a theme of "Alice in Wonderland" this month.  I recently downloaded a lot of images from the original illustrations of the book from Twisted Papers.  They are beautiful, crisp images that can be enlarged a great deal without becoming pixelated.  This LINK will take you directly to the page with many Alice in Wonderland images.

I brought the image into my StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 software and started doing some digital magic.  I applied a color wash in tan to the image and then softened the edges.  I added some background paper for the base layer.  The phrase "go ask Alice" from "White Rabbit" by the Jefferson Airplane kept going through my head as I was working, so I added that and made it the same color as the background paper.  Then I used the filters to add a three dimensional edge and sphereize the image.

I adjusted the size of my image to ATC dimensions (3.5 x 2.5 inches) and then took the image into my printing program to fit eight on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of matte photo paper.  I cut heavy brown cardstock as a backing for the photo paper - I like my ATCs to be on the thick rather than the thin side.

I got out my colored pencils and did just a bit of hand tinting.  I haven't wandered into the world of coloring with Copic markers...yet... The pencils were a good way to add a bit of spark.

For the backs of the cards, I cut the teapot from A Child's Year at 2 inches in a pretty pink patterned cardstock.

I hand wrote the details on the back with my white Signo gel pen.

Several of you have asked what people do with the ATCs.  I have all of the ones I have traded for in a binder or a basket and look through them from time to time.  It is fun to see all the different "takes" on a common theme and to see and try new techniques.  I need to get the groups of ATCs together and take some photos so I can have a quick reference back to these ideas.

I haven't seen the Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" yet - have any of you?  I have heard mixed reviews, but I am sure I would enjoy the visual treat with all of the bright colors I have seen in the previews.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great work! I do not know if I can get into digital at this time, I am having too much fun touching and glueing paper, but your work is inpiring. As always, thanks for sharing your work with such detail instruction and information!

  2. What great images. I will have to check out twisted papers as I love the vintage look!

  3. Beautiful job Diane!!! I love the vintage Alice In Wonderland images, so precious!!! The teapot on the back really adds to your project.

    I like the softness of the pencil shading, gives it enough umph without overpowering the image, which I think if you were going to do copics, it would have to be such light colors?

    I hope you do continue to do some ATC swaps, because I love your ATCs. I would like to get into a swap, but I worry with my injury I wouldn't be able to keep up with the projects, and then feel "rushed" to get things this point in my life I want to feel accomplishment more than anything!

    The day I can manage more than one card...I'm there!!! lol

    Crafty Hugs
    Lisa Sturgill

  4. My granddaughter loves Alice in Wonderland. I've been looking at all the pics Twisted Papers has and trying to figure out if I want to try my hand at digital. You card is so cute and the saying is perfect.

  5. Lady Di, these images are so cool. I love the illustrations. They have such a vintage look. Just my style. The paper you chose for the tea pot is perfect. Most beautiful.

  6. I love it when a post reaches out and grabs me! I'm such an Alice in Wonderland FREAK... this one's a keeper!!!

  7. Joan from florida here. The image I saw on Twisted Papers Alice in Wonderland didn't look like your ATC cards. Is there more than one?

  8. Hi Joan,

    I started with the tea party image from Twisted Papers but then used my software to digitally alter it by applying filters.

    I wanted to have a three dimensional appearance on the edges and also give the effect of something reflected in a rounded mirror ("through the looking glass").

    There are two of these images available on the Twisted Papers site - one is black and white and one has been colored. I started with the black and white one but added the effects and hand colored it a bit.

    The possibilities are endless with digital manipulation!


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