Thursday, April 29, 2010

How times have changed...

Thursday night was Family Night at the church rummage sale (AKA La Ramahge.....).  Several family members live about half an hour away from us and are very involved with this sale each year.  We try to donate some things and then attend and buy more things, that end up getting donated the next year know the cycle!  We didn't do very well with the clearing out and donating this year, but we did do some shopping.

I found an issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine from 1998 in the book section - for 10 cents.  I picked it up to see what I could find out about the changes in scrapbooking and papercrafting over the past 12 years. On the back cover was the ad for Provo Craft that appears at the top of this post.  They were advertising templates for "scrapbook stenciling" - a far cry from an electronic die cutting machine!

These adhesive backed die cuts from Provo Craft were also featured as an innovative product.  Digital scrapping was just beginning and a long article about adhesives had no mention of an ATG gun.  The layouts that were featured look old fashioned by today's standards with lots of solid colored die cuts and sticker letters.  It made me wonder what we will think of the pages we are doing now in ten years or so...

I found all sorts of other "treasures" and I will be using some of them for future projects.  These cute thank you notes have tiny baby carriages with buttons for wheels.  This idea can be adapted for other vehicles.

I got a couple of these square decorative charger plates for 25 cents each.  They will be beautiful decorated with some vinyl cut outs along with some gems and candles for the holidays.

 I also got several sets of cork backed coasters to alter and some large acrylic box frames. I have a very specific use in mind for those frames - I hope it works!

 There are a few other items that I will be incorporating into my work.  It is always a good idea to check out church sales and other very inexpensive shopping venues - you never know what you might find!

 Some Facebook information...

Many people who are regular Facebook users have been asking me about a "fan" page.  I had one that I started to set up months ago but hadn't updated or made public.  It is now public and if you would like to participate in the discussions, challenges and Design Studio help that I will be offering on the page, I invite you to join.  There is a badge in the side column that will take you to the page with a click.  This page is called "Capadia Designs" and is for updates and craft discussions. 

If you want to be my "Facebook Friend" you can send a request to "Capadia Diane Campbell Payne". There is also a badge for this profile in the side column.  If you were a friend on my original "personal/close family/old friend" profile "Diane Campbell Payne" please understand that I will be moving my "crafty" friends to the Capadia page.

 Please be patient with me as I get all of this Facebook organization figured out.  I do have some exciting plans for future events that will be available through the Facebook page.  I have a lot to learn but I can always ask my sons for help in navigating Facebook - our older son has a Facebook member number of  294 so he has been on Facebook from almost the very beginning!


  1. Great finds Diane! Can hardly wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Those garage sales can be quite fun sometimes. Thanks for sharing. Sheila Courts.

  3. Looks like you got quite a haul while helping the church out also. I love to scout out those little private sales. Treasures, treasures!

  4. What a creative person you are to be able to "see" a project when looking through someone else's "junk" at a sale. One person's junk is another's treasures! Look forward to checking out your FB page.

  5. Diane, thank you for taking us with you to CHA. I'm so excited to see the new things. I had planned to attend but my two back surgeries have kept me away. Bummer!
    Mary Ann


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