Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Candy Cage

It was a beautiful warm day here today - a great day for walking and yardwork!  I had an email from a regular blog reader who wanted to cut the cupcake holder I shared on Thursday (here is a LINK to that post).  She does not have the George cartridge and needed help to convert the file.

I took a bit of time to change all of the George rectangles to Plantin and test the new file.  These little holders will work nicely for Easter candy and they go together very quickly after cutting.

You can even use them as a "cage" for small animal figurines.  The link for the Plantin version of the file is below.  The assembly directions are in the original post linked above.

Have a Happy Easter!

Cupcake Holder (Plantin Schoolbook version)


  1. Adorable and so nice of you to accommodate users with different cartridges!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Diane, thanks for looking out for us. This could even be a favor at Easter Dinner! You got my creative juices flowing!

  3. Wow. It was nice of you to do all that work. Very cute baskets.

  4. Thank you for doing this. I love this little frame and will probably be using it for my daughters briadal shower. You're wonderful.

  5. I made the cage and my family loves it. I can think of several ways to use it besides Easter. Thank you a billion times for converting it.

  6. This is so sweet!!! I love the lamb, it reminds me of a lamb that I have on a lamp from my childhood. Love the "cage", too adorable!!

    Thanks for sharing your talent and cut files Diane, you are awesome!!!!


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