Monday, August 31, 2009

Some new embossing powder...

There are several "deal of the day" scrapbooking supplies websites. Three popular ones I know about are Crop Chocolate, Flowers to Flourishes and Peachy Cheap. I have ordered from Peachy Cheap a couple of times and last week I couldn't resist the offer for some embossing powder by American Crafts called "Zing."

Here is a LINK to a video by American Crafts demonstrating this embossing powder.

The offer was for six jars for $8.99 (plus $3.99 shipping) and the video says the regular retail is $4.99 per jar so I thought this was a good deal. I ordered on Tuesday of last week and the powder arrived today.

I had to laugh - the green color was called "Cricket" (not the same spelling but even so...!)

I had to try it out right away, so I stamped some flowers with the new foam stamps I wrote about yesterday using Versamark ink, then covered the impression with the powder, tapped off the excess and heated the paper from below.

The embossing powder is truly amaZING (I think that's where they got the name!).

Here you can see the small flowers before I heated the embossing powder. It sticks to the Versamark ink very well - the power is a bit more granular than some others I have used but very fine.

The shine after heating is incredible...

The lines are sharp - these stamps have large lines but I plan to try the powder with some more detailed stamps as soon as I can. I really like the look of the embossing on the textured cardstock.

My assortment of test flowers wasn't really planned but I think it makes a pretty card.

This "Deal of the Day" is over but sometimes the same item shows up again - I know I will be looking for more colors of this embossing powder in the local stores

I have been working on a lot of Design Studio projects but most of them have to stay "secret" for a bit longer. There is something new and very exciting coming in this space!


  1. Thanks, Diane! I'm going to have to check them out! Love the colors!
    BTW, I just started a new challenge on my blog The prize this month is an assortment of embellishements I know you'd love. Fly on over to join in the excitement!

  2. Deals of the day here I come! Thanks for sharing Diane! And the embossing did turn out phenominal...gonna have to try this stuff! Just when I thought I was not going back to Hobby Lobby this week! Have a great day!


  3. I think I may have to buy some of this stuff! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

  4. Diane, that powder looks awesome. You said you heated it from underneath... I am not an embosser, don't have anyone to show me how, but I did buy some powder and an ink pad with a little blower heat gun thing. I thought you did it on the top? Is the bottom better?

  5. Hi Kasey,

    On the video the woman heated it from underneath - she said it helped to keep the powder from blowing away before it melted.

    It seems to take a little longer when you heat from below but the results are great - just be sure to keep the heat gun moving so you don't end up burning the paper by staying too long in one spot!


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