Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Interesting" Paper used for Cards

I am back on my quest to use up some of the paper in the stacks that I have purchased. There are so many beautiful papers available that I can't seem to stop buying them, however, I want to put them to good use and not just be a collector!

A little over a year ago I made a group of cards using motifs from a piece of paper from an 8 x 8 stack - here is a LINK to that post.

The images came from this paper which had straight, even rows that were very simple to cut apart.

The paper I used for the new cards has nice nautical images which are placed in an irregular pattern. This made it a bit more challenging to separate the images into usable sizes for cards.

I couldn't just cut straight lines without ruining some of the images, so I used my Creative Memories straight trimmer to cut them apart in groups. There is an arrow on the blade that shows the exact position of the tip of the blade so I knew where to stop my cuts in one direction and then I could make another perpendicular cut to separate the image or images.

Here is the same paper "exploded" showing all of the cuts I made.

These are the "regular" shapes (squares and rectangles) that I cut from one sheet of paper.

These two pieces are odd shapes - I could use them as corner embellishments on a scrapbook page or cut all of the images apart.

Each card is slightly different. For this one, I added a layer of white cardstock just a bit bigger to mimic the "grout line" between the photos. I inked the edges of the patterned cardstock with brown but left the white cardstock plain.

For this card I inked the white layer and the image layer with dark blue ink.

Here I left a small white edge on the lighthouse image when I trimmed it and then mounted the image on blue paper that I inked with dark blue.

On this card, I inked the edges of the image and layered it with white cardstock again. Since this was a single image, there were no "grout lines" and I made the reveal of the white layer quite thin.

These are all A2 size cards (5.5 x 4.25 inches when folded).

If you look at the top right and bottom left groupings, they are more suited to a square card format. However, I could separate the strip of smaller images to create two pieces for cards. I haven't decided yet which way to go with this. I generally don't make a lot of square cards to avoid the mailing surcharge but I do like the look of square cards and if they are hand delivered you don't have to worry about the mailing issues.

It is fun to try different variations and to put these pieces of paper that can be found in many stacks to good use. I know that there are several other stacks in my craft space with pages that are just waiting to be cut up for cards!

I hope I have inspired you to have some fun checking out your stacks for likely pages and that you will be making some new cards to use up these papers.

Another quick note - I never thought it would be this tough for someone to guess which cartridge or cartridges I used to created this design. I will give a couple of hints.

1. There is only one image used to make this mesh - repeated 35 times.

2. Hide Selected Contour is involved...

Be sure to leave a comment for me if you think you have figured out what I used!


  1. i have no idea which cart. you used. I did want to tell you that I really like what you did with those papers, very clever and now I will be looking through mine to see which ones i can use. Which stack is that from?

  2. Do you use Tear Drop to make your card?!

    Thanks for the inspiration you share.


  3. Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention the paper stack I used - I will take a picture and edit the post.

    The paper was from the DCWV Summer Glitter Stack from 2008.

  4. Another guess via email from Jean - Cursive 101

    Sorry - that's not it either...

  5. We have a winner!

    Lianne correctly guessed Sesame Street Font (See August 2nd comments).

    Thanks for playing along.


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