Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Super Simple Birthday cards

I have come down with a dreadful summer cold - somehow having a cold in August seems so unfair! August is a big birthday month in our family. Within 8 days we have five family birthdays - my husband and both sons, my husband's mother and our brother-in-law (and that's before you start counting the cousins!). So I will be needing lots of birthday cards.

I am continuing on my quest to use up some of the paper in the many, many stacks I have accumulated (so I can buy more!). This birthday paper is from the DCWV 2008 Summer Glitter Stack. I took this photo to show how I "fussy cut" the paper to make pieces 5 x 3 3/4 inches to fit nicely on A2 cards. I can cut two more from the second wide strip and even use some of the thinner strips for card borders.

For this card I inked the edges of the glitter cardstock with dark blue and added a white layer to make a defined edge contrasting with the base.

On the yellow card I used Stickles glitter glue in lime green to outline the glitter cardstock - this makes a very sparkly card.

You could add ribbon or additional embellishments to the card but my inclination is to leave the front of the card simple and then add some personalization on the inside.

Jen and I taught a couple of classes today and I am finishing up a big surprise project that will be fun to share - it is definitely pushing the limits of my usual work! Here's hoping this cold turns the corner and I will be better by the weekend when we have a family reunion to attend.

We do have room in the Getting Started Design Studio class Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern - if you are interested in joining the class please send an email to to register.


  1. These are great!!! I could use something like this for all the nieces/nephews and my daughters' friends!

    Thanks Diane for the inspiration!

  2. great job on the fussy cuts! You've inspird me to haul out a stack and plow through it till it's gone! Sorry you're feeling ratty. Summer colds are the pits.
    hugs to you, eileen

  3. Thanks for the tips on the simple cards, Diane. I have a lot of paper too that needs to be transformed into cards and to find a better home. I hope you get better soon - just remember to rest, drink plenty of fluids and eat chicken soup!


  4. Hope you feel better soon - summer colds are not fair! I love your blog and all the great stuff you do. I have downloaded trial DS and can now try it out! Thanks for all your work. BugHappy from cmb


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