Monday, August 3, 2009

Op Art Design (from Sesame Street Font)

The cartridge I used to make this design is Sesame Street Font (congratulations to Lianne for figuring it out!).

The highlighted key is the one item that was repeated 35 times to form this design. There are a lot of other interesting possibilities for new designs if you look closely at this cartridge.

My test cut worked perfectly. Then I tried to get fancy and make the file simpler to use (due to the "single hidden contour not remaining hidden when file closed and reopened" problem).

I spent waay too much time trying to "psych out" the software and get a fix that worked but I think that the number and complexity of the welds just made the program go crazy. Here are two of the very odd cuts I got on some more tests.

I will share the file tomorrow, once I have one more chance to try to make it work automatically. If I can't get around the problem, I will do a tutorial explanation to show you how to use the file. Unfortunately, due to the extra time I spent trying to refine this design and another HUGE project I worked on today, it is very late and I have to go get some sleep.

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  1. This is so cool!

    and thanks for the tip regarding the Studio G plastic envelope! I have a ton I need to get into my binders and I normally just throw these envelopes away!


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