Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Cute Cards...

These cards are part of a bigger project I am working on. I thought I'd share them today so if you like the idea, you might be able to find the same paper before it is out of stock.

I found this paper (once again from K & Company) on clearance at Michael's. At first glance, I didn't think it was something I'd be interested in since I don't have young children at home. But I picked it up and flipped through the stack and quickly changed my mind.

The illustration style is so charming - I liked nearly all of the pages. The opposite sides are various overall patterns in small scales so I can certainly use every sheet.

Some of the pages have a more overall pattern but with a bit of "fussy cutting" I was able to find sections that work for note cards.

I particularly liked the penguins - all four corners will work beautifully for A2 cards (three horizontal and one vertical) and there will even be some of the lovely wave area of the paper left over.

On some of the cards I stamped small sentiments. Doesn't this crab look like he needs a hug? I inked the edges a bit and used brown "Dark Chocolate"cardstock.

I haven't decided on the sentiment to add to this card. I did not ink the edges of the paper on this one because the crisp line against the black seemed to suit the penguins.

This a notecard -I carefully chose the area to cut and inked the edges with brown. The "Ripe Avocado" cardstock was a nearly perfect match for this paper.

I used a light blue "Spring Rain" cardstock for this card and inked the edges of the paper with blue ink for more definition. These penguins are so stinkin' cute!

I have many more of these in the works as part of my project. I used my new Papertrey Ink cardstock for all of the card bases. I am really enjoying the weight and "feel" of this cardstock and I have already started to fill another shopping cart on their site!

Just a quick note...
Thank you to everyone who emailed or left supportive comments on my post yesterday. I didn't realize that what I wrote would cause such a reaction! I don't think there was any intention to be hurtful, just a statement of fact about the style of my posts. I always welcome suggestions and I know that my style may not be for everyone. As a few of you said - it is my blog and I should just do what works for me, but please do let me know if I am boring you!


  1. You are not boring me! I look at your blog every morning during my start-of-the-day routine. I think you are the only blog I watch that has a new post every day and I love that. Thanks. Susan

  2. These are just too cute. I have not seen this paper as of yet but will have to look for it. You did a really great job!

  3. Boring NEVER!!!!

    You are an inspiration!!!

    I always look forward to checking my email each day and see what you have done. You have given me so many GREAT ideas.

    Thank you
    Marjorie from TX

  4. Love these cute little fellas! I may have to drag my poor husband down to Michaels so I can get myself some of this paper!

  5. These are so cute! I love what you did with this paper! Thanks so much

  6. I love these cards and i love your blog! better to have too many pictures (so someone like me can understand better) then not enough and someone like me will be wondering what the heck your tallin' about ;) keep up the great blog!

  7. I've picked this paper pad up several times at Michael's always putting it back...Now I really wish I had bought it. Looks like I'm going back to get it now!


  8. I would say to those that complain: If you don't like it, unsubcribe. That simple. I look forward to receiving your daily blog. I learn so much from you. It's obivious that you care about your readers and spend a lot of time each and everyday, and you do it for your readers. Thank you very much. I love your work, you do a wonderful job.


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