Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lightning McQueen - the easy way....

Last Spring I made some characters from "Cars" for my great-nephew while I was visiting my sister (here is a LINK to that post). While I was looking through my files for something else, I came across the file for Lightning McQueen and realized that I had never "cleaned it up" and posted the file.

I had the baby bug with me on my trip and I made the largest possible Lightning McQueen that would fit on the baby bug mat. This file requires multiple mats. I checked the file to be sure that it would also work for the Expression and I had to move one shape over to the right a bit due to the difference in the "uncuttable" areas between the 6 x 12 and the 12 x 12 mats. I have not actually cut the file on the Expression.

Because this cut is much larger than the Princesses I have posted, there are multiple mats to cut. The base layer is on page one of the file.

The body of the car is on page two of the file.

The shadow is on the last page of the file - I had to tilt it to make it fit on the 6 x 12 mat.

Each of these mats has the color and the size of paper needed on the tab.

The cutting page for the other layers of the car is page three.

The reference page for the layers is page four (do not cut this page).

Here you can see the preview of the layers from the reference page - I did not do separate pages for all of the colors (they really are not necessary but I have included them in past files to help people see how to use this system).

Here is the mat set up with the papers for cutting the layers. If I ever want to make this car again it will be very quick and easy to cut - the assembly will still take a while!

Today was a very busy day - I was finishing up three projects that all need to be in the mail tomorrow. Jen and I are teaching three classes this week - there are still a few openings if you want to sign up "last minute." Instructions for registering are on the Let me Show You How to Do that blog.

Lightning McQueen #6 at 5.5 inches

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