Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Note card from a Recipe card

I just got the new "From My Kitchen" cartridge in the mail yesterday. While it is full of great food & cooking images and has lots of pre-welded words, there was something that I had noticed when I was looking at the options on Design Studio that I had to try!

This recipe card caught my eye - I really like the "mod" flowers. I just needed to do some manipulating with Design Studio to turn it into a note card.

Here is the location of the image on the virtual keypad. I decided to make two cards - one horizontal and one vertical in the A2 size (4.25 x 5.5 inches).

For the vertical card I flipped the image and used "hide selected contour" to hide both the interior rounded rectangle and the outer rectangle cut. I had to hide both lines to avoid the problem that arises when you only hide one contour - the line will reappear when you close and reopen the file. (If you are not sure how to use "hide selected contour" you can watch my video - here is a LINK to the post).

Since I had to hide both lines, I needed a rectangle to form the card - in this screen shot you can see the key for the rectangle I used. I always try to find all the shapes I need on the lowest number of cartridges to make it quicker to cut the design (I don't have a jukebox).

I used a total of three recipe cards for the flower cutouts on the horizontal card - if you look very carefully you can see all of the hidden blue lines from the frames and a couple of the flowers. I reshaped some of the flowers using the "handles" on the selection box around the recipe card to stretch or compress the images.

I placed the cards on the top of the mat so that both pages of the file could be used by baby bug owners - if you have the Expression and want to cut two cards from the same sheet of 12 x 12 paper, simply turn the mat and reload it from the opposite side for the second cut.

Here you can see the two test cards on the mat after I lifted the excess paper.

When you remove the cards there will be some flowers left on the mat - of course you know that you must save these!

I know I save "everything" but these are really cute (particularly when you flip them to the opposite side).

I did my test cuts with the cardstock near the end of the DCWV Spring glitter stack from this year. I hadn't really been a fan of the last sheets but they seem to fit this design perfectly with their bright colors!

Here is the inside of the cards - obviously they needed some sort of liner if you want to write a message inside.

I looked all around my studio for paper with the right colors and scale for card liners and I finally found a good choice - these papers are from the Cricut 6 x 12 paper stack called "Celebrations." The paper is white on the back so you can easily write a note when you open the liner.

Here is the vertical card. The liners are cut slightly smaller than the cards (8 1/4 x 5 1/4 for the vertical card and 4 x 10 3/4 for the horizontal card) and adhered to the back of the cards along the fold lines.

Now I promise I will go do something more conventional with the From My Kitchen cartridge - may be even a recipe page!

Abstract Flower Notecards

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  1. Diane you never cease to amaze me! Love these! Don't have that cart but may some day! Thanks for sharing your ideas! Have a wonderful day!



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