Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some nice things that happened today...

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I am about to leave on a long anticipated vacation. My husband and I will be going to Italy to visit some friends and do some site seeing (and of course I'll be taking lots of photos). Visiting friends - both old and new - is one of my favorite things to do. Today I got to meet an internet friend who has also been a student in the Design Studio classes Jen and I teach through our Let me Show you How to Do that blog.

Pam and her husband are here in Concord on a visit from California - Pam's first time to this part of the country. They invited me to join them for breakfast and it was so much fun to meet the real person behind the computer connection! After breakfast and a quick tour of town to point out a few restaurants that would be good places for dinner, they dropped me back at my house and went off to check out all of the historic sites in our area. Of course we needed photographic evidence of the visit and Pam said it was fine to share these photos - just ignore my wild hair - it was not a "good hair" day!

When I got back to my house there was something waiting for me on my front porch - can you guess what it was? It's something that will be great to take with me on vacation....

Yes - it's a Gypsy - thanks so much to Provo Craft for sending this to me to preview, review and share with you. I've just started to work with it but I can already see that it will be a great way to pass the time on the transatlantic flight - and so light and easy to carry along.

This photo shows all of the contents of the box. The carrying sleeve is really bright and colorful. I think the color scheme of orange, yellow and pink that was chosen for the Gypsy is a perfect fit for a new and innovative product.

I know everyone is eager to know more about the "nitty gritty" details and I am in the process of writing up my initial review for the Cutting Above blog. Remember, you can enter to win one of the two free Gypsies that ProvoCraft has provided to celebrate the launch of the Cutting Above blog and the Cricut Gypsy World Launch on HSN on September 24th.

I will be posting a few times from my vacation (when I have internet availability). I will let you know how I am getting along with my new "G." I have the idea that I could be making scrapbook page titles as I visit places and then be a few steps ahead of the game when I get home and print my pictures. So watch for a few photos of me "crafting on the go" - you can guess "Where's Gypsy?" (look for landmarks).

I have one other surprise in store for you - can you guess what AFADWIAA stands for?

I'll tell you tomorrow...

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  1. Have a wonderful trip and can't wait to see what you thing of your new toy.
    Keep your wonderful ideas coming.


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