Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exploring Siena - Day Six

Exploring the area around Siena today - villas and wineries. I am sure there will be lots of photo opportunities.

Now the center contours are hidden and some monogram letters added (are you starting to see a pattern)?

Here are the first six cards - they are going to start getting a bit more complicated!

A File a Day - Card 6


  1. You are just so amazing... hope you are having fun.

  2. Oh what fun you must be having!! Thanks for all you are sharing despite the fact that you have so little time.

    Take care,
    Gracie from Imagine That

  3. I cannot believe you are creating these while on vacation. What a challenge you've created. These are great designs with so much possiblity.

    Thanks for your genius and generosity both.

  4. Thanks for the comments - I actually did these before I left on vacation (I don't have a Cricut with me in Italy!).

    I hope you are having fu trying them - I realize that not everyone has the Wedding cartridge but I wanted to show how much you can do using just one image on a Cricut cartridge.

    I finally have a decent internet connection so I am catching up on email and comments. I'll be back in the States next week.


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