Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remember the Chipboard Albums.....?

I imagine you all think I forgot about my promise to share an interesting way to decorate the chipboard flower albums after they are papered. I didn't really forget, but there were other things that kept popping up that pushed that information aside. (If you missed the post about the Chipboard albums, here is a LINK).

So, at last, here is the interesting thing I noticed. I try to be neat when I am crafting, but I get so involved in making things that I don't always tidy up after each project. Usually there are lots of random bits sitting on my table from previous projects - right now there are a lot of the medallions that I have been making and sharing. (to find the posts for these check the "cartridges used - topics" in the side column - click medallions for all of the medallion posts and links to the files).

If you think about the way I designed those medallions, you will see where this is going (!). The chipboard flower albums have eight "petals" and the medallions are eight sided designs as well. This means that they will work very nicely on the Chipboard flower pages.

Here are a few examples:

When you cut the medallions be sure to save all of the offcuts - these are also useful for making some very dramatic and beautiful patterns.

I noticed that this butterfly paper has a butterfly very similar to the Martha Stewart "monarch butterfly" punch - you can see a punched sample in the center below.

I am just fascinated by all of these medallions and the effects that can be obtained by combining them and by using the offcuts creatively. Here are a few more examples - the possibilities are limitless!

You may need to adjust the sizes from my original designs to get exactly the effect you are looking for - just change the original element to the desired size, check weld and then copy and paste it three times changing the rotation to 45, 90 and -45 degrees.

I'll show you another chipboard album soon - and I'd love to see any that you have covered using my flower file.


  1. Diane, you are just so creative and can put scraps together as if you cut them on purpose!!!..

  2. Diane, you are the most creative person I know. I would never think to use the scrap pieces if it had not been for you. Now I save every little thing. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas.

  3. Diane I downloaded the chipboard directions yesterday and want to thank you for sharing. I should thank you for doing all the work
    So Thanks!! Karleen

  4. YIPIEEE guess what I dugged and I dugged and I found me 10 in the Bin.. I got me 10 today..THANK U!!!!

  5. Went to three Michaels and got 15 for my Stampin' Club to work on next month. Thanks for the cut.file and the ideas.


  6. These are perfect for this album! Thanks for sharing this great idea.


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