Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cathedral Window Card Toppers

I was exploring my Accent Essentials cartridge and found this element.

It reminds me of the shape made when you make a quilt in the "cathedral windows" pattern. When you combine these shapes in a grid you get a secondary effect.

If you look at this one way you see circles with pointy diamonds in them - if you look at it another way you see four petal flower shapes that end the rows in half flowers.

By snipping away the corners carefully you can emphasize the flower shapes.

You can see in the photo above that my blade snagged a bit in the lower left corner (I used paper instead of cardstock and it tore the paper a little). I could place an embellishment in that spot to hide it. I decided to snip away even more of the shapes to eliminate the bad spot in a symmetrical fashion.

The result is a pretty frame for a card top.

This file is an adjustable one but I have already set up pages with A2, 5 x 7 and full page cuts. The 5 x 7 test cut is in the photo above.

The offcuts from my tests of the A2 and 5 x 7 sizes yield a lot of little pointy diamonds which you can save and use on something else - I have all sorts of little bits like this saved and sometimes I just sit and make card using up all of the "leftovers."

If you cut the full page your "leftovers" will be bigger as you can see above - these will certainly turn up on one of my projects.

You can turn the full page cut to a vertical orientation...

or a horizontal one - whichever looks best for your layout background.

Here I added the eight pointed star flower from January (here is a LINK to that post if you missed it).

I have been very busy this weekend and now I am off to an Academy Awards party so I will catch up with questions and emails tomorrow - thanks for your patience.

Cathedral Windows Card Toppers (A)


  1. My mother is going to love this made into a card! She has been making quilts for over 50 years now. Thankyou so VERY much for all the creating and sharing you do.

  2. Thanks so much for this design. It reminds me of quilts that my Mother and Grandmother used to make. Have a good week!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all these niffty designs. I love them


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