Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day, long weekend for President's Day and start of school break week (if that applies to you!) - I am doing a little blog housekeeping and catching up today.

Blogoversary gifts -

4paws where are you? I haven't heard from you with your postal address so I can send the calendar stamps. The other two gifts were sent out last Tuesday and I did hear from StarlightScrapper that she received hers the very next day.

50th Birthday Gift Challenge -

So far, no one has guessed the correct number of cartridges I used in making this project - I'll let you know when the right answer appears! The post is linked HERE - leave your guess in a comment on that post - not here!

Another award - Thank you Heidi!

Heidi at Heidi's Hobbies gave me this award - check out her blog to see what she has been making. I am supposed to pass this on to my favorite number of blogs - as you know three and seven are my favorite numbers, hmmm, maybe I'll average them and list five!

Here are some blogs I like to visit when I have a chance:

1. Meg's Blog Meg was my secret sister on the Cricut Message Board (I sent to her). She is very talented and has the cutest little boy to scrap about - you'll love her great layouts.

2. Linda's Blog - Just For Sharing Linda does amazing work - she started with Design Studio, then SCAL and now is doing really interesting designs on another machine - check out the embroidery cards she just posted.

3. Roe's Blog - Creative Liberties Roe is one of my fellow ATC swappers on the Cricut Message Board. She just recently started blogging and has been sharing many wonderful things.

4. Mary Fran's Blog - Craft (y) Boutique Mary Fran is a new addition to our ATC swapping group but has she has been chatting with us for a while. Lots of great cards on her blog - be sure to go back to the older posts to see some fabulous wreaths.

5. KER's Blog - PapeRockScissors KER is our ATC group organizer - she does a terrific job each month and always has a new technique to share! Don't miss her metal fish.

How to get in touch with me...

Lately I have been getting questions and requests for help from many different places - comments on my blog, comments on the 4shared site when files are downloaded, PMs on the Cricut Message Board, through the "contact me" button on my Creative Memories site - it gets very tricky for me to be sure that I have seen and answered all of these!

I love it when people leave comments - here on the blog, on the file downloads, on the Cricut Message Board...but, if you have a specific question or request and want to be sure that I get the message in a timely fashion, please send an email to I do my best to answer everyone but it can take me time for me to find the questions if they don't come to me directly via email... Thanks!

If you have already sent me a message for help or suggestions for a project you need help with and you haven't heard from me - well..... it is quite possible that I have lost it in the shuffle, so please send me a reminder.


  1. Diane--

    Just wanted to let you know that I think you are absolutely fantastic. Your creations are incredible, and your sharing them is truly a testament to your stellar character. I admire you & your blog very much, and I wanted you to know that.

    Take care,
    Gracie at

  2. Hope your valentine's day was wonderful! I am off on Monday and hope to have a play day! :)


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