Monday, February 16, 2009

Changing the Candy Holder....

I had a request to change the candy holder that I shared last month to suit a special occasion - a "royal" luncheon. In case you missed that post, here is a LINK to the original candy holder post and below is a photo.

If you want a different shape cut from the front (and back) of the candy holder it is very easy to change. The heart I used in the original file is 1 1/2 inches x 1 1/2 inches and that size seems to fit nicely but you can vary this as you like.

Select the shape you want to cut out (in this example I am using the crown from Alphalicious) and place it on the mat.

Try setting the size at 1 1/2 inches - remember that this will be the height of the image and if the image is too wide at that height you will need to adjust it. Then use the "turn" box to rotate it 90 degrees (click directly on the "90" for one turn to the left).

Move the new image into position by aligning the centers - when they are aligned the "+" signs in the center will look a little darker. When you have the new shape in place, select the original shape (the heart) and delete it.

To place the shape on the opposite side, add another crown and click "turn" three times and slide it into position on top of the original heart. Be sure to delete the original heart. If you are using the file with three cuts to the page remember to change them all!

I have a fun project to share - I spent a good part of the yesterday and this afternoon working on the file and preparing the example. I had planned to post it today, but tonight I accidentally burned my hand on a hot dish and I am typing with one hand while I keep ice on the burn (ouch!). I can't type anymore now.....

So here is a sneak preview - I hope to be able to post it tomorrow....


  1. Diane you have to be careful when cooking. If you can't post some of us might starve and then where would we be. Thanks for all the GREAT posts. Your knowledge is inspiring.Thanks!

  2. Take care of your hand. Hope it heals real soon.

  3. so sorry you got burned get bigger pot holders please.

  4. I love your designs you make with the DS and thought you deserve a blog award. Check out my blog for the details of the award. :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing this great file.
    Hope your hands heals soon.


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