Thursday, February 26, 2009

Postage Stamp Backgrounds (two sizes)

I was looking through some magazines and saw a background paper that was interesting. It wasn't a scallop (for a change!) - it had more of a postage stamp look at the edges. I decided to create a Design Studio file to cut something similar - this is one of those "utility files" that will be useful for many pages.

I did a file for a full page in both George and Plantin Schoolbook - obviously, you will need the Expression to cut these (I have found that some people who already had a baby bug and upgraded to the Expression chose different cartridges when they purchased their big bug so they need a George file). Since I needed to test cut two files I did them in opposite colors - I think this makes a nice double page spread.

I also did files for half page cuts and tested those. I tested the George file on the baby bug. I had all sorts of trauma with the baby bug tonight. I was using DCWV textured cardstock for the test cuts and I accidentally put this piece on the mat with the more textured side facing down - it did not stay stuck down! The angry little bug really slashed up this paper. I should know better than to use this paper for test cuts. I don't care for it very much for Cricut cuts, particularly since it has a white core which sometimes ends up showing. (I am sharing my bad cut in the hopes that you can learn from my experience!)

The next test cut (with a new mat and with the paper smooth side down) went fine - up to 94% when my baby bug mysteriously refused to finish the cut! It is so frustrating when this happens and there is no rhyme or reason to these occasional refusals to finish - such temperamental machines! In my experience, if this happens you have to close the program and reopen it to get the software to start responding again.

Not to be defeated, I thought of an interesting use for this botched cut (I actually had considered this alternative as I made the file).

You can weave ribbons through the evenly spaced holes - above you can see a couple of examples. If you want to use this file for ribbon weaving you can simply delete the center square so the Cricut will cut only the circles (with a little luck the file will cut completely). Add back the square (or rectangle on the half sheet cuts) to get the postage stamp cut.

You can position the half sheet cuts horizontally,

vertically or even...

at an angle on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock - each makes an interesting background for a layout.

If you save the offcuts, you can use them for additional decoration - offsetting them with the background cut to create a rope border effect.'

I made the files as large as I could - you will notice that the Plantin Schoolbook file will not cut the outer edge of the circles on one side but the edges of the postage stamp cut will be complete.

Full Page Postage Stamp Background - George

Full Page Postage Stamp Background - Plantin Schoolbook

Half Page Postage Stamp Background - George

Half Page Postage Stamp Background - Plantin Schoolbook


  1. These are fantastic, you are so creative. Thanks for sharing your great files and for making them in PS.

  2. What I appreciate about you is your thoughtfulness! Not only do you share your creativity with us as well as your cut files but you make cut files to encompass all of us. I am a baby bugger for the moment and I appreciate the extra time you put into creating cut files for us. You are awesome and thanks again for your generosity!!

  3. These are really neat...what's better is that they will look great on a LO with the CuttleBug sample set of postage stamp die/embossing folders!! I can't wait to try it out!!
    Thanks again for great work and your willingness to share! I DL'd both PS files!!

  4. Diane,
    I've loved your blog since I found it this fall.

    I want to congratulate you for winning the Primo Dardos Award for Blog Excellence...from me, Leslie Ann at Five Scribes Blog.

    Email me Leslie Ann at and I'll give you all the details.

  5. thank you for the cut file and for thinking of those of us who use the baby bug. I love,love, you blog and look foward to seeing all your creation you inspire me

  6. I love how you make a good thing out of a not so good thing!! My mother always told me when you feel like you have been given a lemon...make lemonade!!! You keep us positive and help us to see the possibiities even when a project don't always turn out as planned!!! Thanks for all you do and thanks for the files!!!

  7. I too want to thank you for continuing to design for the DS and the original Cricut!
    Most that I have seen are using SCAL and the expression!
    You're the best!

  8. I get so excited when I see your emails appear as I know there will be something unique and one I would never think of doing (or be able to do). You are wonderful about sharing your talent !!!! Thanks thanks thanks.


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