Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Baby Name Frame

Tonight I am sharing another baby name frame. This one is an 8 x 20 inch frame and for the background I used the art paper I wrote about in the "Card Economics" post (here is a LINK in case you missed that post). This is a lovely heavy paper and I could cut a piece to exactly the right size for the frame with no seam in the background.

This little boy has a rather unusual name with five letters - ideal for large letters that center nicely in the space. I used the Mickey Font cartridge because it is nice and chunky with a playful "feel."

I cut the letters in a bright nautical blue on "shadow" and then cut the letters in regular size in some patterned paper that has a watery feel. I added three dots to each letter to give them a bit of "punch."

I used foam squares to lift the letters slightly for a shadow effect.

The name is framed with lines and dots with waves along the bottom border. The waves are from the "Going Places" cartridge - I welded together as many as would fit on a 12 inch paper and then adhered two sets of waves together to make them fit the width of the frame.

In the gaps between the lines that frame the design I hand wrote the birth date and time and the "statistics" of birth weight and height.

The parents of this boy serve in the Navy, so I added a few boats for a "nautical" touch. His full name is written on the three boats (I blurred out the surname on the third boat for this post). I used a blue pen to highlight the cuts for the mast.

Of course I had to make a matching card to go with the gift. I used a few of the scraps with words that I cut from the Cuttlebug "Welcome Baby" A2 combination cut and emboss set.

You may remember the Abigail name frame (here is a LINK to that entry if you missed it). Here are the two frames together - they are not for siblings, I just happened to do them around the same time and like the way the two look together(!).

I spent most of the day working on revising the directions for one of my designs for publication - very exciting but time consuming! I have several other interesting projects in the works but haven't had time to do the photos and directions to post here yet - new .cut files will be here the meanwhile - here is another "sneak peek"


  1. Nice job on the framed name. Now you have my curiosity up with the sneak peek. Will be anxiously awaiting the posting!

  2. The framed name is another great one you have done!!! And you've got me wondering what the sneak peak is going to look like :-) Will be on the look out for it.


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