Thursday, February 19, 2009

Large Circle with Small Scallops

Last night on the Cricut Message Board, Diana requested a full page circle with small scallops - she had seen some commercially produced paper with 44 scallops around the edges and wanted something similar. I checked with her to see which cartridges she had and started to work on it, not realizing that Jody had already created something very similar.

When I read that Jody's file was done using the George cartridge, I decided to finish this up to provide an alternative for people who don't own George.

This file is not adjustable and I can't turn it into an adjustable one under the current program since the individual circles that make up the scallops are less than one inch in diameter. The finished scalloped circle is a bit over 11 inches in diameter - the "uncuttable" area at the edges of the mat makes it impossible to get a full 12 inch scalloped circle.

Page one of the file is for cutting the full scalloped circle. There is a plain circle sized to fit inside the scalloped circle on page two of the file.

If you cut first one page and then the next without removing the mat from the machine, you will have a scalloped frame and a plain circle.

The photo above shows the plain circle layered on the scalloped larger circle.

In this photo the frame has been layered on top of the scalloped circle as a outline. It is difficult to distinguish the effect from these photos but the difference is the the plain circle is "raised" in the first one and the plain circle is "sunken" in the second example.

If you use the frame on the scalloped circle it is a good idea to mark the top of both sets of scallops before removing them from the mat so that you can easily align the two - there are tiny variations that could show if you don't layer them exactly as cut. (Just a light pencil mark on the back will do to keep them straight until you adhere them).

You can also cut larger or smaller circles from a second color to get different effects with the scallops (more or less of the scallops showing) - I picked a "happy medium" size for this file. The circle I used for the file also makes the frame option possible - it can't get much larger without making the frame too floppy or cutting it apart!

I prefer the use of the frame option as a stand alone element for the page. Above you can see the frame on a 12 x 12 page.

Something about looking at these produces a "springy" feeling - perhaps just wishful thinking while I hope for the snow to melt and winter to end!

I hope this file will be useful for your projects - I'd love to see anything you make using it.

Large Scalloped Circle (with small scallops)

I have another project to work on so I may not get a chance to post the continuation of the Chipboard Flower album information and embellishments - don't give up... - it will be here soon and in the meanwhile you can get some books covered!


  1. This is fantastic, what I have always wanted for my LO's. Thank you so much.

  2. O MY O MY If I wouldnt hurt my self I would JUMP up and down.. THANK U THANK U..

  3. You did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so great...thanks so much!

  5. This is great!

    Your post brought up a question - you said this image couldn't be resized because the circles were under 1".

    My question is - (forgive me if this is naive) if all the objects are over 1" can they all be captured and resized??

  6. Thank you - I don't have a larger cricut but someday soon I will and defintely will be using this creation because I have bought them a the local scrapbook store and they are expensive. thank you for taking the time to make it for everyone

  7. I have both the little bug and the expression. I absolutely love all your work and I appreciate you sharing your time and files. I hope your hand is healing nicely. Burns tend to stay tender for a while.

  8. Diane, thanks again for a great cut file.

  9. Wow, you do amazing work. Thank you for being open to sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing. I was just looking in my cartridges for a scalloped circle. You have a lot of patience.

  11. You are just amazing. This file is just to great. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Thank you so much for the circle with scallops. You are so creative.

  13. Different Linda then last comment..
    just found you, thank you so much, I really have wanted this so much


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