Saturday, March 24, 2012

Water Marbles and Journals

While I was looking for an Easter photo for another project, I came across this image of a vase of water marbles on my kitchen windowsill with the sun shining through them.  I found the water marbles at the Boston Flower Show last year and I am still fascinated by them.  The post with more details about the marbles can be found HERE.  The bright clear colors remind me of the Dylusions spray inks that we worked with at the workshop with Dyan Reaveley on Thursday (for a You Tube video of Dyan demonstrating one way to use the inks, click HERE.)

I was thinking some more about Dyan Reaveley and her art journaling and I remembered this book that I got for Christmas last year.  The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, by Caroline Preston, is a novel told in pictures in the form of a scrapbook. 

It is very interesting to read with all of the vintage images and the typewritten notes remind me of my mother's old typewriter.  In a lot of ways the book reminds me of the Smash books that are so popular right now.

I realized that I have lots of random paper ephemera from all of our trips and it might be fun to use them to do some collages.  I tend to come back from a trip and put all of the bits and pieces in a bag from the trip and that is where they stay for as long as it takes to get around to doing something with them.

What do you do with the paper items that you collect on a trip?  I do put them into albums...eventually, but I think it might be fun to do something like these pages.  I just want to add some colorful backgrounds made with Dyan's inks as a base.

I'll be working away all weekend, getting my projects in frames, cutting out a few more designs, writing my "artist's statement" and preparing a photo board for the show.  I need to have about 25 pieces framed to hang and they all need to use the picture wire system so a lot of my frames will need to have screw eyes and wire added.  Wish me luck with getting it all finished up!

I hope you have a great weekend - and that you can find time to do something crafty!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning The scrapbook of Frankie Pratt. I just placed a hold for it at the library.

  2. All of my trips and memories are still in the bags I put them in a long time ago. Life just keeps moving along and I always seem to have new projects and hobbies that take up my time. That's okay, no one but my husband and I care about them anyway.


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