Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Collection (in progress)

In the midst of all the projects I am trying to finish up for the gallery display, I have also been hit with the Spring Cleaning bug.  This includes more than my physical environment and filing paperwork.  Unfortunately, my computer photo files have fallen into a sorry state. 

I take many photos for a blog post and edit them to show the project or the process as clearly as possible.  I used to be good about immediately deleting the "also ran" images but somewhere along the way I got out of the habit.  In order to catch up and clear the backlog, whenever I have a few minutes to spare and the laptop is up and running, I tackle a week or a month and delete the excess photos (thousands so far - I can hear my computer breathing more easily!).

One of the reasons I have so many photos is that I always seem to notice things that I think are interesting and want to save for a reference.  I also like to make my own digital scrapbooking elements and when I see something that would make a good page background or accent I "need" to take a few photos to preserve the idea.

When I was walking back from town last week, I noticed this light pole labeled with the letter "A."  I have walked past this spot many times but the letter caught my eye that day and I had a camera with me.  For a long time I have had the idea in the back of my mind to put together an alphabet of letters that I have photographed. 

So, now the hunt is on - the only question is whether I need to find the letters in order.  I am sure I have a few other letter photos in the thousands I am working through as I clean up my files.  How long do you think it will take me to get the full alphabet?

One of the other things I noticed that day was this soggy ice rink.  In our area, it is fairly common for people to put up a small backyard ice rink.  I think this year it probably wasn't worth the effort!

Another problem I have (and I know I share it with lots of other crafters) is dealing with the scraps from my projects.  I hate to waste anything so the offcuts tend to accumulate until I get around to trimming them down to workable pieces - or punching images from the edges.

It's a little embarrassing to admit that the leftover piece that I finally punched a day or two ago was from a card I made and posted last October (you can click the photo of the card to go to the original post if you missed it).  Another reminder to myself - deal with the leftovers as you finish each project and then they won't pile up and cause craftroom chaos!

That's all for today - I'll leave you with this lovely rose that I printed and cut out with my Silhouette SD.  I am so excited to be able to take any of the thousands of digital images I have in my digital scrapbooking files and easily print them and cut them out so perfectly.  This is an Echo Park image from the "For The Record" collection.  I think I'll be able to post the card tomorrow - unless I get distracted taking photos of letters or punching shapes from scraps!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  We are expecting the temperature to be in the 80's. Don't forget to check out the new deals at Blitsy today - there may still be a few of the Tim Holtz items from last week available.  If you haven't joined yet (it's free), please use my LINK to sign up.  Then you can get your own link and refer your friends to earn credits.

Speaking of Tim Holtz...the Creative Chemistry 101 class has been great so far.  You can still sign up - you'd just have to catch up watching the videos.  When you take the class you have life long access and the interaction during the original two week session is a lot of fun.  Here is the LINK to the information page.

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  1. I always marvel at those who keep everything organized and know where exactly where it is at all times! I swear everyday I am going to start being more organized (everyday I renew this promise but one thing leads to another and along comes tomorrow and one more pile..!)Good luck with your collection, I started one about 5 years ago and I am still collecting. Enjoy the lovely, unseasonable weather!

  2. I find it amuseing that I took the next 2 days off work with plans to do a bit of spring cleaning myself. Today my plans are for a few tasks in the yard with tomorrow in the house since it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

  3. Diane I love that touch are not a "linear" organized thinker. It is a gift that makes you more creative. Bless the mess! Love your blog.

  4. As I look around my desk all I see are post it notes. I jot down ideas or something I see that I just know I'll get around to doing but never do. I love your alphabet photo. What a fun idea. Our weather is calm today with a little sun. We lost power all night last night from the windstorm that blew through here. We'd love some of your heat!

  5. I too have tons of things like that that I have to go back and organize. Or I start out with one method and accrue more things than I though and have to come up with a new organizing system and then re-organize it all, Yikes ;- ) I've also had the idea to collect the whole alphabet (haven't gotten them all yet) as well as business signs with the names of propritors that are the same as family members. I always seem to see them when we are driving on those days we didn't bring any cameras, except the low quality phone, figures right!
    Have a wonderful day, Diana! Oh and thanks for the tip on the photo tip site. Love it!

  6. What I want to know is how you remember where and when the cut came from? I can't remember last week's let alone last October's. :)


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