Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Incire with Plantin Schoolbook

The Incire (fold and tuck) designs that I have been making are quite easy to make with the Silhouette Studio software.  I have had lots of requests for files that can be used with the Cricut machines.  I created a file with Plantin Schoolbook but it is fiddly and requires a bit of hand cutting to complete the lines.

I remembered that there was an open shape on the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that is used for the end caps

When you see the design on the mat it looks like the machine will cut perfect half circles.  I had to reshape the outer half circle with the "handles" to make a matching interior shape (if you just make it smaller the width of the cut will not be even).

The half circle line is actually two lines - it appears continuous but when you click on the line you can see that only half turns red (this is how you would choose a line to use the "hide contour" feature).

I only had time to do one test cut and I found that the machine left a gap in the half circles that I needed to hand cut in order to complete the cut lines.  I am not sure if this was only an issue with my machine.  I am curious to hear if any of you can get it to cut a full line.  I seem to remember using this cut before and not having this problem  (but it has been a long time...).

It is just a small gap, but I did have trouble making the cuts perfect.  The loops will be tucked under the next shape so some of the wavering lines will be hidden.  With practice you could probably do a better job. 

I only did one row because you can't copy and paste a group of items in Cricut Design Studio.  I turned the mat around and cut the row again on the opposite side.

The color you add behind the page gives a different look - here I used a dark blue.

Bright pink gives a totally different look.

These lines created loops that turned out to be a bit on the thin side for the size of the page.  The width is a matter of personal preference - you just need to work out what looks good for your project. 

I'll add the link to download the file if you want to play around with this idea.  I am planning to do a little more experimentation to try to make Cricut files but I much prefer the Silhouette software because of the additional features that make a tedious process quick and easy.

You will need to do lots of "math problems" to work out the spacing if you try to design more of these projects for the Cricut.  I will take a look to see if I can find another cartridge with lines that will work.  This is very time consuming since the shapes are often hidden on a feature level or shift.  There may be a line that will cut cleanly that can be replicated more easily.

I would definitely recommend considering an additional machine with a better software program if you want to start making lots of these files.  The Cameo can sometimes be found on sale for between $200 and $250 and it is a great machine.  The Silhouette Studio software basic version is free and it works very well to create unique designs like these.

Incire Border for Plantin Schoolbook

One more note - This rose photo is for my sister who is celebrating a "milestone" birthday today.   Happy Birthday Susan!

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  1. Maybe the plain double brackets on the right side of Shift Lock in Plantin would work? Has some decent thickness even when stretched to a more oval shape. Love incire. I've mostly worked with SVGs; happy to see some DS inspiration.

  2. Actually, for anyone who doesn't have a machine there is a template. It is put out by Paper Wishes and has various styles of cuts. I use it a lot on my cards and weave ribbon through the slots. Joan Murphins, PSL, FL.

  3. Diane, you must be a bull dog, ha ha ;- ) Thank you for being so tenacious. You are amazing! Have a wonderful week and Happy Birthday to your sister ;- )

  4. very interesting.....I don't understand why PC made the DS such a difficult program....and it was not cheap when it came out...
    thanks for your hard work.....
    and a very Happy B-Day to your sister

  5. I think that there is nothing that you cannot do! The challenges you take on and conquer are simply amazing! Weallreapthebenefits of your determination. Thank you!

  6. I love your designs. Have you used MTC. The trial is free. I think you would find it similar to the SIL program. Anyway can you make some files in SVG or jpeg?


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