Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning Discovery - Crocheted Chicken Egg Cozies

I am working on getting my laundry/sewing room cleaned up today.  One of my motives is to find a space for the gigantic Yudu screen printing machine that I "had to have" when it was on sale (it's still in the box taking up way too much space in my craftroom).

We enlarged the tiny (6 x 6 feet) laundry room in our house shortly after we moved here.  It is a wonderful space but has become a junk repository.  Whenever we need to tidy up the rest of the house in a hurry, things get tossed into the laundry room "for now." 

As you can imagine, this results in quite an accumulation that is always low on the list of priorities to clear up since we can just shut the door.

Since the laundry room is next to the garage entry into the house, it is an easy place to stash new purchases when I get home from an outing.

The laundry room is also a convenient place to put things that are on the way out - headed to Goodwill or another destination.  I have found all sorts of things (some good, and some that really need to leave the house...)

When I came across these egg cups and cozies they put a smile on my face because they made me think of Spring.  I bought them last year at a local charity shop and they had been sitting in the bag ever since!

I couldn't resist stopping my work to do an impromptu "photo shoot" with these willing models.  They are definitely staying in the "keep" pile.

I hope they make you smile too! 

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight and change your smoke detector batteries tomorrow.

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  1. They do make you smile!! They're adorable! TFS.

  2. SO SO Cute! I just love them....:)
    Why can't we find things like this that are new?????

  3. What a great rediscovery! These little chicks are just precious and, yes, they really made me happy. Happy Sunday to you and yours.

  4. These are adorable and I'm still smiling. But I have a question...did you get right back to cleaning after the photo shoot? I admit I probably would have gotten sidetracked and forgotten what I was doing.

  5. Those are so cute. I've never seen an egg cozie before. They would look so darling on a table setting. I'm afraid when I clean I wind up with more on the "keep" pile than on the "giveaway" pile.

  6. Those little chicken egg cozies are adorable!

    And how lucky you are to have a room to stash your finds, and then be able to just close the door for awhile!

  7. OH my goodness these are adorable! And you found them just in time. I alway look around the empty room and say thank you because I know someone had to cause that to happen. It seems it happens more when I thank the spirit that leads me to find something special like this.


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