Thursday, March 8, 2012

Step by Step Directions for Incire (cut, fold and tuck) Design in Silhouette Studio

Happy Thursday!  It is supposed to be very warm here today and I hope to get some time outside to enjoy the weather.  Here are the step by step directions for creating the incire design for this card in the Silhouette Studio software.  These directions may assume some general knowledge and familiarity with the software.  I tried to make all of the steps clear but please feel free to ask any questions in a comment or by sending me an email.

 I will do a video for those of you who prefer videos but it probably won't be posted until next week.  If you have the Designer version of the Silhouette studio software there are a few things that could be done differently as shortcuts but these steps should work just fine.

When the card is cut it is easiest to lift all of the loops and fold them and then go back around the design and tuck the loops under the solid sections.  Cardstock that is a different color on each side will give the most dramatic effect but these designs also look pretty in a solid color.

If you get really stuck, I do have the file to share but give it a try first.  The Silhouette software is very easy to work with and I think it is more fun to "conquer" a design challenge than to simply cut out what someone else has designed.

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Have a wonderful crafty and creative day!

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  1. You are so nice to provide these instructions, they are clear and understandable to me and I am now so excited to both try these and design some of my own. I showed some of your designs to my husband and he asked why I was still waiting to get my machine as he knows I love such geometric cuts. So I guess I will be online over the next few days shopping to place an order. Thanks for your inspirations and all your help to me.

  2. I tried and it is horrible.
    I've never been able to design anything. I've tried several times.

  3. You have taught me things today that I have often wondered how to do on my new cameo:-) thanks for a great tutorial!

  4. Diane,

    I can't wait for my Cameo to arrive the end of the month. I'm expecting it to be all I anticipate with the help you have given us.

    I decided to try and use and redesign with the Cricut DS because of your wonderful tutorials.

    We are also having a welcome sunny day in Wyoming!!

    Thanks again,
    Jane K.


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