Friday, March 30, 2012

One design - many variations

This morning I delivered all 28 of my framed pieces to the Community Center and set up the exhibit.  Our son did most of the carrying and adjusted all of the hangers with the help of a committee member for the art space.  Everything went very smoothly and I came home to try to catch up on a lot of things that have been "on the back burner" while I got the exhibit pieces organized.

I took photos of the exhibit but I need to go back and retake some of them.  The lighting is very bright and everything is under glass now so it is difficult to avoid the glare.   I also want to "tweak" a few of the placements to even things up a bit. 


I used these red designs on my statement board for the exhibit.  They are all variations on one original drawing that I did in the Silhouette Studio software.   Then I eliminated certain sections to created different patterns, similar to the way I use "hide selected contour" in the Cricut software.  It is so interesting to watch the patterns develop. 

One of the things on my list of things that need attention was the update to the Timeline Cover on my Capadia Designs Facebook Page.  They changed the pages over today and I threw together this collage very quickly so there wouldn't be a big blank spot at the top of the page.  I think this is too busy - it was just some of the images that were quick and easy to find from recent projects.  I'll probably change it as soon as I get another chance to look for some photos that will work.  If you use Facebook, have you created a timeline cover already?  I'd love to see what you made.

We have an event Saturday morning and then I am planning to catch up on a lot of paper work and email.  If you emailed me in the past couple of weeks and haven't heard back, please try again if your question is still unanswered.

I am not sure where the subscription emails stand since my timing has been off this week.  If you are getting this post in an email, there may actually be two short posts.  I think I can get back on the normal schedule this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Diane
    I used a small portion of a watercolor that I did of butterflys as my Timeline Cover. I did it in a hurry but it looks pretty good. Have a great day.

  2. Oh best wishes on your show. I would love to see it all up in one big room.
    You have a wonderful hubby to do all of that for what you love.

  3. Im trying to figure out if I can use my watermark as a topper for my blog, and FB page. Im also thinking if I could use a color or a design behind my watermark.
    I think up these crazy ideas but have no knowledge how to do it. LOL
    Why didnt they have computers while I was in school? Back to the drawing board.
    Dawn RI

  4. One word----WOW!!!! Great job and good luck.

  5. Hi Diane,

    After reading your post today I went to my comp and created a cover with various creations I've made for my time line, but it won't go live until April 7th

    Thanks for the idea :0

    Carmen L


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