Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

Several of you have asked about the conference I went to last week.  It was a large conference for bloggers but it turned out to be aimed more at the "mommy bloggers" which made it a very interesting and different experience.  One of the sponsors of the conference was Universal Pictures. 

Their new movie based on Dr. Suess' book "The Lorax" is opening today.  Today is Dr. Seuss' birthday so it makes a nice theme for lots of parties in connection with the release of the movie.

At the opening of the conference we saw a preview and even had a special video message from Zac Efron, who voices Ted in the movie.  Since my children are older, I had no idea how the marketing of an animated film is done these days.  If you go to The Lorax Movie site you can see a preview, play games, learn about the cast and crew, get environmental tips and more!

The Lorax was wandering the halls and we could have a photo taken with him.  He was also at a party on Friday night - more photo opportunities!

At the party, there was a special display for the birthday celebration.

The colors were bright and festive and the flower arrangements were beautiful.

There were clusters of "trees" in the room with brightly colored fluffy tops.

 They looked like cotton candy.

There was even a photo booth where you snapped a photo using the remote control and then you could see the picture on an iPad and email it to yourself - so much technology at work!

It's been an odd week for me with very little crafting time.  I have so many projects designed but not yet cut and some new products that I am eager to try.  I just needed some down time to process some of the things I learned about at the conference and to get over this "almost a cold."  

If you are interested in the newest Creative Memories cartridge, Divine Wedding, it is now available for sale.  If you don't already have a consultant, I'd be happy to help you with any questions.  You can order this cartridge and any of the other exclusive cartridges from my CM personal website HERE

This is a cartridge that will be useful for weddings and other formal occasions.  There are some great fonts and monograms included in the cartridge, along with some interesting flowers, feathers and flourishes.  I'll be doing a review soon. 

If you'd like to get a good look at the contents of this cartridge click HERE to see the "lookbook."  The cartridge is also in Design Studio and the Cricut CraftRoom so you can see all of the individual images by keypad.

Have a great weekend - will you be going to the movies this weekend?

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  1. Oh, I see you found Joy. I follower her blog also. The colors do look very bright and festive.

  2. I was just about to comment about Joy, too! I know she has quite a following and thought that looked like her with you in the last picture! TFS! That's funny that it was more for "mommy" bloggers - with all the crafters I follow, I hardly know that "mommy" bloggers exist!

  3. Did you and Joy stay out of trouble? I like your new hair do and glasses. A blogging conference for Mommies....aren't we all Mommies? Sounds like a fun time. Get well.

  4. Hi Diane,

    It looks like you had a great time.

    I will be taking two of my four grandbabies to the Lorax on Sunday after Church. We thought it opened last Friday and tried to see it on last Sunday but it abviously didn't work out. LOL so we will go this week.

    Diane France
    Dorris CA


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