Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sneak peek at another card

I'll be heading back to Massachusetts tomorrow - it was nice to have a few days with my Dad.  He will be 85 next month so I'll be back for the party!  We will have a reunion with all of my siblings (four of us from four states).

I designed and cut this card before I left - I thought I might have a chance to do a video explaining it while I was away but we had too many other things to do (including a lively backgammon session - Dad won hands down!).

The card was made with the Gypsy and the Gypsy Wanderings cartridge but you can apply the same idea to another card form and pumpkin/jack o'lantern combination.

Whether you use Design Studio or the Gypsy, you will be able to cut all of your card pieces and layers at once as you can see on this photo of the mat - before cutting (above) and after ""weeding" (below).

I added a couple of extra pumpkins and tags to fill the space and use up the paper - they will be used in other projects.

Here is a picture of the open card - I did not add any embellishing before I left (I wanted to think it over a bit...).

Once I get home tomorrow I will be staying in one place for a while - I am really looking forward to that!  My apologies if you have sent a question or comment and haven't had an answer yet - I do intend to catch up once I get back into a normal routine.

(Now I have to get some sleep before the long drive tomorrow)

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  1. Hello Diane! Beautiful card....gosh I am fighting off the desire to have a gypsy...your card is so nice...have a safe trip back home. :)



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