Thursday, October 1, 2009

My first Gypsy card (and the Spirelli files)

I made this card yesterday using the Gypsy - all of the elements I used are from the Gypsy Wanderings cartridge (one of the two exclusive cartridges that come pre-loaded on the Gypsy).

The software update that will enable transferring and sharing Gypsy files is not available yet so today I tried making a video to explain how to make the card. It is rather long (I went into a lot of detail!) so I couldn't put it on You Tube. Here is a LINK to my newly created Flip Channel where you can watch the video. Enter the email and "gypsy" for the password.

Please let me know if this video is helpful - I will try to do some more for new Gypsy owners.

I did have several requests to share the files I used for the Spirelli designs that I posted yesterday. I have uploaded three files to 4shared - here are the links (all of the files are made with Accent Essentials and set up for a 12 x 12 mat)

32 petal flower spirelli shape

32 point circle spirelli shape

32 slot circle spirelli shape


  1. Very cute card Diane! I need to try to actually "cut" with my gypsy, so far I have just played so I could learn all the functions. And thanks again for another great class Thursday!

  2. Diane thanks so much for the video. I can't hear you very well. I have my volume all \the way up and have my hearing aids in. The place where you have the video doesn't have a way to turn the volume up. Or do they? Has anyone else had a problem hearing this. I was up late last nught playing with mine and made a cut file. Now I have to try it to see if it works.

  3. Hi Jean,

    I am sorry about the volume level - this is all new to me and I am learning both the Gypsy and how to post videos made with the Flip. I will have to try to do more and make them shorter (or figure out how to edit them!) so I can use You Tube.

    If you have a question because you couldn't hear something just let me know and I will try to help.

  4. Diane, i think it was a great video... I can't wait to see you do more. I am still wondering if you "love" the gypsy as much as DS??? Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  5. I'm trying to jold off and be firm about not buying a Gypsy...but you're pushing me over the edge~!
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  6. Diane, the video was great. It is good to see how the gypsy is being used to create. Currently, in my opinion the advantage of having it is the portability. Oh well, I am one of those who must have it even though I have the DS. Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing other how to videos.


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