Friday, October 16, 2009

Shadowing a word on the Gypsy

While I was on vacation in Italy last month, I used the Gypsy to get a head start on titles for my scrapbook pages.  I liked the look of the Gypsy Font, so I used it for most of the titles.  Shadowing a welded word on the Gypsy is very easy to do.  It is similar to creating a shadow for a welded word in Design Studio with one key variation.  In Design Studio you simply open another page in the file to work on your shadow - with the Gypsy you need to save the word in a file and then use "Open as Template" to start a new file and create the shadow. Here is a LINK to the blog post with a video I made showing how to shadow a welded word in Design Studio

It is important to choose a font that has a shadow option available on the cartridge.  It is nearly impossible to create a perfect outline shadow by stretching a word - the center cut outs in letters like "o" and "g" will not stay in proportion.  A shadow of a word is not just a larger version of the word.  If the font does not have a shadow option, you can cut the word twice and offset the words when you adhere them to the page or card and create a "sun shadow" instead of an "outline" shadow.

I always create the top layer first and then create the shadow.  By doing this I can be sure that the top word is fully welded and fit the shadow around it.  When you make the shadow on the Gypsy you will be able to move each letter independently and will not have to "nudge" everything into place.

I will try to do more videos to show how to do the shadowing on the Gypsy - I am not able to get good resolution and a sharp image with the video of the Gypsy screen as opposed to doing a computer screen capture video for Design Studio but I'll keep working on finding a better solution.  If you'd like me to post some more Gypsy videos please let me know by leaving a comment.

(I still have a sore throat and have been doing lots of sneezing but I had some naps and drank lots of tea and other liquids today.  I hope I can get downstairs this weekend and cut some of the things I have been designing on my Gypsy!)


  1. I know I'd love to see some gypsy videos and I'm pretty sure everyone else would always. Your instructions are always so well thought out and concise. You do a great job and it is really appreciated. thanks. eileen

  2. Hope you're feeling better Diane!!! Of course, I'd love to see more videos!!! I'm using my Gypsy as my husband and I travel cross country in our rv and can't wait to get to our home so I can cut all my new designs!


  3. And who wouldn't want to see one of your videos.. hope you are feeling better.

    The good thing is you are so good, the resolution doesn't matter.

    Hope you get to feeling better

  5. Love your videos Diane. I hope this finds you feeling better. XX Pam

  6. I hope you are feeling a lot better!!! And yes...keep posting tips and tricks with Gypsy! :D

  7. Get better soon We love getting videos and cut files from you. I have my gypsy but haven't had a lot of time to play with it yet. I did make a cut file (i thought I did) but when I cut it it wasn't welded all the way. It looked like it was when I eyeballed it. I guess it just takes lots of practice.


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