Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Treat Holder

This simple pumpkin candy holder is quick and easy to make.  You can change the pumpkin to another design for Halloween or any other holiday.  I used A Child's Year for the file but you can use different cartridges by substituting similar shapes for those in the file.

After you cut the base, you need to score 1/2 inch from the edges of the long center rectangle.

Then turn the paper and score 1 1/2 inches from the ends (from the pumpkin base to the pumpkin base).  Fold along all of the score lines, using a bone folder to make the folds neat and crisp.

Cut along the second scored lines to the first scored lines to create the flaps.

I actually made two files - one with a thin base of one inch and one with a two inch base for more candy!   The file with the one inch base has the area between the stem and the pumpkin blacked out - if you want the more open look you need to change that file by left clicking on the hidden contour line and then right clicking and selecting "show selected contour" from the bottom of the pop up box.

On the second page of the file are the layers for the jack o'lantern faces.  When I tried them out they looked a bit plain...

...but some Stickles on the stems and leaves took care of that!

After the flaps are cut, apply adhesive to the tabs, fold up and adhere to the pumpkin sides.

When the Stickles are dry, you can apply the pumpkins to the base.  Put the adhesive on the back of the pumpkin so you can make sure that no adhesive will show.

Here is a view looking down into the assembled candy holder with the two inch base.

Have fun making these!

Pumpkin candy holder (1 inch)

Pumpkin candy holder (2 inch)


  1. Hi Diane -
    The pumpkin treat bag is adorable - have you ever thought of designing a cornucopia or other design bag for thanksgiving.

  2. Very cute Diane! I think I might have to try these today. Thanks for sharing.

    Michelle Dyson

  3. cute treat box. You are so very talented Cap. I can't wait to take your DS 101 class this week. Have a great Sunday.

  4. This is so cute. Thank you making this I am making them for the 10 kids we get trick or treating here.


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