Sunday, October 25, 2009

One more Halloween idea.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that we have lots of young family members - triplet nephews in one family and a set of twins (niece and nephew) and their younger brother in another.  They all live in the area but not close enough to come trick or treating at our house for Halloween.  So today I made these little treat buckets and dropped them off at Grandma's house for delivery later this week.

I found the little orange buckets in the dollar spot at Target - 2 for $1.00.  They may still be available if you check a local store.

I set up a couple of files in Design Studio to make the decorations.  For the Halloween items I used Paper Doll Dress Up for the ghost, bat, cat & spider and A Child's Year for the witch on the broom.  I checked "weld" on all of the but the witch to eliminate the detail or "webbing" lines and avoid having so many tiny cuts in my vinyl.
By using Design Studio I could fit many more items into the space with a few rotations and some nudging.  When I cut vinyl I use blade depth 4, medium pressure to "kiss cut" the vinyl so that the backing remains intact.  This makes it easy to remove the tiny items by bending the vinyl at the cut line and peeling.  Be sure to smooth the vinyl down firmly on your mat to make sure it does not shift while cutting.

The names on each bucket were done with Keystone.  I welded them and adjusted the height to three quarters of an inch.  I cut everything from Wall Pops because I didn't need much room and the 6 1/2 inch stripes worked perfectly with very little waste - I actually have some leftover from the name mat.

The buckets have candy and a Halloween pencil (also from the Target dollar spot - 10 for $1).  I put in some green paper shred to make them a bit more festive.  Here you can see them in an apple basket ready to go with Grandma.  You may notice that there are more than six.  I decided to make extra buckets for the big sisters of the triplets as well - the oldest is 24 (I hope she doesn't mind being "one of the kids"!).

Just a reminder - Jen and I are doing several Design Studio classes this week - Word Books, Getting Started and Creating with Shapes.  check the Let me Show you How to Do that blog for times and details.


  1. These are awesome little buckets! Love how they game out.

    And thanks for the tip on cut kissing, I need that tidbit of information!

  2. I agree, They are cool. The kids will love them.


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